oh well

I won’t get the nook done by this weekend and that’s ok! Other life things came up, so we attended to those instead. It finally cooled off though and we’re rather enjoying that too! School starts for Natalie in about three weeks and I’m looking forward to the change in routine (though I’m not sure she’s 100% about school, haha). Once she’s back in the school waters, so to speak, all will be well and Conrad and I will settle into our fall routine.

I’m off to clean and hit the grocery store. Lately we’ve all been overwhelmed by stuff and so we’re packing stuff up to put away for a little while and just enjoy the space. Plus it makes it easier to vacuum! Happy weekend!


A trampoline and some kitchen progress

It’s been hot, we are pretty busy every weekend, however, slowly but surely we are getting there! In five short years, I expect we’ll have most things done!

We now have a trampoline where our old swingset used to be…and our backyard feels HUGE now!

I also hauled today and primed the kitchen nook – check it out so far!

We hope to have it painted and swap out the light fixture before Saturday. Stay tuned!


A new swingset!

It took most of Saturday and a little tiny bit of Sunday, but it’s up! And we love it!

It wouldn’t have been possible without my Dad and Pat helping us, so a huge thank you to them! James is going to edge it and toss in some rubberized mulch (b/c Conrad…oh that Conrad) and we have plans to stain it and then it will be super duper done!

And now to tear down the old one and put up our badminton net…..hehe!

A little bit of progress

I made some headway on my kitchen section yesterday!

James needs to finish nailing in the crown molding (I had a hard time holding it and nailing it at the ends) and we need to fix the cabinet doors. I thought I would be clever and ‘steal’ some cabinet doors from the other side of the kitchen, but I neglected to measure and so…..this happened:


Doesn’t quite fit…..haha, oh well. At least it’s looking much brighter in here!

The kitchen!

I started working on the area by the fridge yesterday. I could close my eyes, spin myself around and point anywhere in the kitchen that needs work, but this seemed like a small area and a great place to start to make some progress and have it feel good! My first goal was simply to finish scraping off the wallpaper and remove an old land line phone jack that we’ll never use. Here’s how it’s looking so far:

The soffit over there houses nothing anyways and I hate it, so I started taking it down, haha. We’ll replace those bottom cabinet doors once one of them is glued and repaired and the whole thing will get patched and painted! One section at a time…..

Next on my list

I plan on tackling the kitchen in the coming weeks. I’m tired of the peeling wallpaper bits that aren’t fully scraped off and the weird holes and discolored walls that make it look like a horror movie house. My goal is to get the first floor done by September, but these hot days are not good for working and the nice days we head outside….haha. It’s getting there though and the before and after pics are what keep me going for sure! It’s also an important reminder that we’ve actually done ALOT in the short while we’ve lived here, since one of us also has a full time job outside of the home and the other one takes care of the little people that run around here.

Natalie starts space camp next week, so we’re Woodstock bound for that. It’s only  a few hours every day, but it’s Monday-Friday and she gets to see a friend! They’ll learn about the solar system and gravity and space travel and explore the Space Station simulators (this camp takes place at the Challenger Learning Center, named after the Challenger space shuttle). I think she’ll like it! They do lots of engineering camps for older kids and robotics camps as well. So we’re hoping to use them for the summers to come!

First things first though, I have to clear out the kitchen so I can get to work! So, I’ll leave you with some photos from our vacation (well half of the vacation pics, I ran out of space):