A year ago today….

Our entryway has come along way too! A year into living here, we have mostly unfinished spaces, however, in some ways I’m glad we’ve waited because my initial design plan has been changed and somewhat discarded in favor of a better one. This has happened for a few reasons, but with growing kids, it’s important to have flexible room and house plans and after living here for a year, we learned how we use the space and what we would really like to have!

The entryway is half finished and is on my list of things to tackle this fall. Though it is a small space, with all the wallpaper scraping and multiple coats of primer and paint, it did take me a week to simply do the one wall. Oh yeah, and still having a kid around means I have an extremely limited workday….haha or a really cute assistant! It could go either way!


You can just see the black carpeting that covered all the floors on the main level. We’re so glad that’s gone! So hopefully soon, I’ll get this space done. It feels good to complete my to do list!


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