We have no free weekends until November, so we’re busy over here…lots of birthdays and a baby shower and catching up with rarely seen friends thrown in too. I did walk in my bedroom the other day and hate it’s state, so I dug in and got to work! Paint and finishing touches to come, but for the first time since we moved in, we have a clean, decluttered, calm bedroom space! It’s glorious! I honestly think I have NO before pictures because it was just awful, but if you’ve ever been to my house, it’s the first room you see at the top of the stairs, so I’m fairly certain that everyone has seen how awful it looked. No more!

James picked out a paint color and since this would be an easy room to complete (and also one that we could easily put off for years to come to get the rest of the house done), I’m doing an about face and prioritizing our bedroom space! It’s been years since we’ve had a bedroom that didn’t also have to be another room (office, living room, how you get to a kid’s room) and so gosh darn it, we’re going to have a lovely serene sanctuary! We’re going with an ivory in here, with our linen white trim color and in an odd twist, I find that I don’t want any art in here for right now.  I’m not going to tackle this space until after October 1st, but stay tuned!



I found this Waverly fabric at the thrift store the other day – it’s normally $21 a yard, but I picked up over five yards for $4! I washed it and stared and stared at it for of course I purchased it without a plan in mind…I just knew I liked it. Like a lightbulb switching on, I realized that it would look great in the entry! We don’t really need curtains out there, but it would put a nice finishing touch on that space and with the soft gray walls and pink hooks, this fabric really puts the oomph in the space!


You can’t tell from the picture, but there is also some shimmery gold that outlines the pink parts and it’s just lovely in person! I hope to have at least one of these sewn up this week. It’s also spurred my interest in getting the other side of the entry finished off!

Beach day!

We had a lovely time and the water was surprisingly warm. We stayed in the water for a while and then played in the sand and had a really fun and relaxing day! The kids loved it and we have no shortage of shells collected….good stuff! (Conrad made a little friend while making ‘snow angels’)

Mama and Conrad days…..

Today, I took Conrad to the park, big wheel in tow, to ride around and have fun. He learned to navigate speeding downhill (laughing all the way) and made it up some impressive ones too! He told me he loves our Mama and Conrad days and I do too. I neglected to snap a photo of our park adventure (I only had my keys on me anyways) but I’ll try and get some for our future jaunts.

This weekend we’re hitting the beach! Labor Day came and went and thus ended the admission season for the beach. We’ll pack up our smallest cooler and enjoy the sand and the water! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Letters and numbers?

Conrad has been busy practicing his letters. He does so periodically when the mood strikes, but he gets frustrated that he can’t do it ‘right’ and quits, so we talk about the importance of practice and how sometimes, quitting until a later time is actually the right call. We started talking about upper and lower case and their differences, which Conrad also mistakenly (and adorably, haha) applies to numbers!

Anyways, he busted out our alphabet puzzle and used it as his guide to write out a bunch of letters. He did a great job!


Paper dolls

Natalie has been wildly busy making her own paper dolls. They all have names and stations, but for the life of me I don’t remember any of the information she told me…it gets long and meandering….a story teller we have in our midst!! Anyways, here they are:


The red haired vixen is my favorite!

How about that path?

I did it! James did all the purchasing and loading, but I made the path! It is backbreaking work to dig up 15 feet of grass! But I did it and I’m so happy! Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves:

The space in the hostas is for a little side path to be able to work in the planting bed (we won’t get that done this year).  Looks good!