Ceiling medallion!

It’s up! I’m going to paint it today and then the dining room (along with the sunroom and Nat’s room) will be officially done! Getting things done slowly…..


Haha, more setbacks, but good ones!

We got a last minute invitation to go to a cousin’s birthday party, so that took up all of our Sunday. The three windows sit and wait for me to have the energy to prime and paint them, but alas, life duties call. We are also busy both days this weekend, so if I’m going to finish this, it will have to be at some point during the week. It’s on my list! Everything else in this room is done, so hooray for that!

Today, Natalie has a half day, so we’re leaving in a few minutes to pick her up. The kids have been busy scrambling up our apple tree and I will post a video here, but for now, here is a picture. He climbs much MUCH higher than this. It’s scary and also important, so we fight all our parental instincts and let him climb as high as he feels he can. Risk taking at its best!



Monday we sent Natalie to school, but Tuesday she stayed home sick – having had a reaction to something (that we found out was also a problem since Monday morning). We sent her again on Wednesday, only to pick her up from school early and she is home again today. She broke out in some sort of rash – on her cheeks, her ears and behind her ears. It lasted for three days, so we ruled out an allergic reaction (though she did present exactly how she does when she is exposed to sesame, that reaction resolves within an hour of taking medication) and since it was localized, we ruled out a viral infection, so we were left with an irritant. We’re not 100% certain what it was, but the only new thing she was exposed to was nail polish (at home anyways) but we could easily be missing a detail. So for now, she’s all cleared up! It has delayed my finishing the living room though. The only person that affects though is me, haha, so it’s perfectly fine.

I have to pick up more primer and finish my last wall and hope to be done by Sunday! So I only lost two days due to life stuff….but life stuff takes priority sometimes! Happy Thursday! I’ll leave you with a picture of Conrad until next time!


The last wall!!

The orange wall that you see in the photo is the last section of wall I have to complete in this room! It’s where the piano will go as well. We have to tidy up the tv components, but all in all this wall is finally something I like!


What’s left:

  • patch, prime and paint the orange section
  • prime and paint three windows
  • polish hardware on three windows
  • tidy up tv components
  • bring over the piano!
  • hang artwork

The piano part of the list won’t arrive until November 5th, but otherwise everything else will be completed by Friday followed by the full reveal!

Sneak peek

In an effort to clean up the stuff that is laying around until I get the living room done, I started working on the fireplace area so that at least the other parts of the house aren’t a hoarders dream. We really don’t like the fireplace stone, but we won’t be replacing it anytime soon, so after waiting and thinking, we’ve decided to just paint it! The mantle and bookshelves will be the trim color (so you aren’t confused by the blue on the mantle) and so far, so good! It stood out too much being the dated beige, so we’re covering it with a gray.


I hope to have this room completed by the week’s end – so fingers crossed!