A different nook

I rearranged the nook! We’ll try it like this for a while and see how we like it:



We ended up canceling all of our weekend plans due to James and I being sick. It worked out for the best though and what choice did we have? Sunday, James did empty and clean Conrad’s new closet space and it’s set up like this! The kids have been giggling in it for an hour now….



Is here…well almost! This year, feels a bit down thanks to the craziness of politics, but I’m still thankful for my family, my health, and my life. As usual, we’ll be celebrating ‘buy nothing day’ on Friday, but this year we’re also celebrating ‘small business Saturday’! I’m excited that this year, we’ve decided to get all our Christmas presents in our downtown. It’s one way to help us feel like we can make a difference, which is oh so important in these post election days.

Today, Nat gets out an hour early and the kids and I are making some pies! Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m fighting a cold (something I just can’t seem to shake this season….probably because I do too much and get exhausted, haha), but today, we’re going to clean out Conrad’s new closet! What? you may ask….well! We discovered about six extra feet of closet that runs behind our upstairs bathroom (hello pipe access to the tub!). Check it out:

Our plan was to simply outfit it with shelves and drawers so that we could remove his dresser and give him more space, but then the wall that hid this section got dislodged (and it wasn’t by me!) and voila! So, needless to say our plans have changed and we’re just going to use things we have on hand to hold his clothes (since we lost a wall in which to support shelves and drawers) and sort of make this a fun little kid space! This old house is full of fun finds, I tell ya!

While I’d like to get in gear and cross lots of things off my to do list, I think instead I’ll focus on friend and family events and get back to my list after Christmas is over. We’re not hosting any holidays this year anyways, and while I definitely love hosting, it is also nice to just sit back and enjoy life. I think we’re also narrowing down our front steps options…..our initial desire to go with brick has changed since we found out how much it would really cost (yikes!) and we’re very mindful of the design. Once we get that settled, we’ll post some pictures of what we’re thinking.

Stay warm everyone and make sure your thermostat has new batteries so you don’t wake up to 59 degrees like we did!!


My favorite comment about today, is a friend posting on Facebook, that they can’t wait to see how this season of, “America”, ends. It has been a weird and wild ride thus far, with people all over the place and lots of ugliness and even lots of hope. James and I are voting today and we will be glad when it’s a new day!

My very itchy rash is sticking by my side and is impacting what I can get done. I have a lot that I’d like to get done, that I would feel better if I got done, but also….waking up because you’re scratching is no fun and makes for a crabby household! Basically, I’m needing to scale back. I tend to expect a lot of myself and then when I fall short, I get upset. James does a great job of reminding me that I’ve done quite a lot with our home and that it’s ok if I take a break here and there. I appreciate that he’s so forgiving of me when I am clearly not.

That being said,┬ábecause I’m not sure what is causing my rash, I’m hesitant to do anything with chemicals (so no painting or polishing of hardware) until I’m not needing to use an ice pack to alleviate the heat and itch and steroid cream and natural bug bite relief and apple cider vinegar and any itch relief I can get my hands on…..you get the idea. I will simply put the remaining three windows in the basement for now, and get to them at a better time. So I will take pictures of our mostly completed room! It looks really beautiful! Just for my sake, imagine that the windows are up and all done, haha.