Happy New Year!

This year has been filled with lots of events as most years are….the celebrity deaths that everyone is lamenting over, a joke for a president…..but a family that we only know through others is losing their little girl (most likely today) to cancer. While reading the mom’s posts over the last several months, it was obvious to me that this little girl was going to die this year, but it was heartbreaking to read her words of denial and pain. Her words slowly changed to acceptance but still tainted with much anger. The time has finally come for this family to bid goodbye to their oldest child, their daughter who has fought for four years and is finally going to get the chance to be cancer free and at peace.

Why would I read about a family I don’t know? Well, working on a pediatric cancer floor stays with you. Those families, that pain, that undying hope, it all stays with you. I wish this family much peace as they enter a new year,  their first year without one of their children while I hug mine a bit more.

I welcome the new year and all that it may bring. We have plans, dreams, hopes of our own, but we can’t know for certain how life will unfold for us. Our house will get more completed, our yard and garden will start to unfold, I’m finally ready to apply for a job, Conrad will be starting school, so many wonderful things!

Happy New Year to you all!


Some more new things!

Now that the holidays are officially over, it’s time to get back on track for the house. We want to at least have the first floor completed before the family birthday party we throw for the kids in early March. Here are our first changes!

A pot rack! We already owned this potrack, but had no use for it until we cleared away some of the uppers. It’s a much better way to store our pots that we use the most and it just looks cool! Also a little shelf to house some of our counter cluttering items. It looks good (but picture it painted….we haven’t done that yet, haha)


After living here for a little bit and using the space, we’ve decided to officially make the mudroom half a closet! These two spaces will see a lot of change over the next month, but here we have a new coat rack and it will hold a lot more coats and change the flow of the space and we’re just happy about that!


There is still a lot of organization to happen in these spaces, but we’ve started and it feels good! We’ll be celebrating our fourth Christmas this weekend with my Mom, so stay tuned for our second batch of photos!

Washing machine!

Ours was dying….James spent time wringing out loads of laundry since our spin feature was pooping out on us…and while that could be considered a workout, it really just plain sucks. Enter….our new washing machine! We went high efficiency top loading LG! One day we’ll upgrade our dryer too, but it still works, so we’re good.

Next up, clean and organize the laundry room!



We are having four celebrations, with two down and two to go! Christmas Eve saw us celebrating with Halmoni and Gomo and the kids had a lovely time and got lots of wonderful things! Christmas morning was also a success and while the kids wait to eat bacon, they are building, drawing and enjoying their gifts. I’ll put up the second post later this week after we’re ‘Christmas complete’, haha! Without further ado, here are some photos!


We have a winner!

After trying numerous combinations, we decided on one that wasn’t even posted yesterday! We don’t want it to overwhelm the space and we want it to be fairly easy and sturdy, so we opted for using the two narrow cabinets and one that is slightly wider for the middle. We’re going to paint the interior a shade of green and the shelves and the outer parts the same as the trim but shellac it to make it wipeable and shiny. We also opted out of getting a live edge slab, because whoo boy! Are those pricey! Instead, we’ll go with a $10 board from Menards that we’ll paint to match the body of the console. We hope to have it done over Christmas break so that we can then tackle the rest of the kitchen (which we’re renovating in three phases).

Here is the combination that won!

Phase one:

  • install paneling/beadboard on either side of the large window to cover up those holes
  • paint paneling/beadboard and rest of the kitchen walls
  • hang pot rack, spice cabinet and open shelving
  • scrape the soffit and paint it
  • reconfigure area by fridge because it is poorly organized

Phase two:

  • rip out that dang soffit because it’s awful
  • install new pendant light over the sink
  • take down remining uppers and microwave
  • install backsplash
  • rehang shelves/pot rack

Phase three:

  • rip out cabinets!
  • move dishwasher and stove
  • refinish wood floors (or if not, install new ones)
  • install new cabinets, counters, and sink
  • new appliances! (unless we’ve been doing that as they all slowly die)

Baby steps, right?

How to make a console out of things you have

Well, for starters, you must have some cabinets to work with! We took down a bunch of our uppers and since we still need some storage, the nook seems like the best place. So we came up with the idea to repurpose the uppers and make a floating console!

Here are our choices:

things to keep in mind: the first photo has one cabinet at the correct height, the second and third pictures have the 2 stacked ones at the correct height and we would get a live edge piece of wood to cover them like a counter top

Ideas to consider:

  • paint them or just leave them as is
  • doors or no doors (REALLY leaning towards no doors)
  • make a radiator cover that brings in some lighter tones by having it match the trim
  • repurposing things is fun!

I am leaning towards the third photo right now. I would leave them as is, but add doors to the cabinet with the weird middle part (which will come off). We’ll keep you posted!


A Bar Cart with Pizazz!

James has wanted a bar cart and I love having people over, so here we go! James and I generally do not exchange gifts, but I wanted to give him a bar cart this year (because it helps finish off the dining room anyways, which is a gift for me!) so that he could showcase his fancy brands of scotch! We picked up a few bottles of alcohol yesterday to complete the cart for now, but otherwise we already owned everything you see.