How to make a console out of things you have

Well, for starters, you must have some cabinets to work with! We took down a bunch of our uppers and since we still need some storage, the nook seems like the best place. So we came up with the idea to repurpose the uppers and make a floating console!

Here are our choices:

things to keep in mind: the first photo has one cabinet at the correct height, the second and third pictures have the 2 stacked ones at the correct height and we would get a live edge piece of wood to cover them like a counter top

Ideas to consider:

  • paint them or just leave them as is
  • doors or no doors (REALLY leaning towards no doors)
  • make a radiator cover that brings in some lighter tones by having it match the trim
  • repurposing things is fun!

I am leaning towards the third photo right now. I would leave them as is, but add doors to the cabinet with the weird middle part (which will come off). We’ll keep you posted!



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