I hit the thrift store the other day and found a neat little table and a lamp! The lamp works with an art deco glass globe I picked up a year and a half ago for 50 cents, so the total here (not including my cheapo alarm clock) is $37.50! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the thrift store??


I’m sewing up some curtains for the sunroom today and knitting a scarf for a friend for her birthday, so projects are in full swing over here! James will put up more paneling this weekend and then I’ll get to work painting. It’s coming together!


And while I was at it, I changed the curtains…

These curtains were picked up at the thrift store a few years ago and have been residing as a temporary solution in our bedroom. I decided (after recovering the chairs) that too many patterns gave me the heebie jeebies, so I came up with this:


The only change I made, was hot gluing some hot pink pompom fringe to the edges for a nice pop of color. These complement the chair covers much better and it makes it a nice,bright, happy spot. I picked up some deglosser for our ‘fauxdenza’ and I’m going to stain the table top. The kitchen is also coming along nicely! We should have it completed by the kids combined party (which if I haven’t mentioned, will be March 4th!)

But wait, I actually have to recover 3 chairs….

We picked up two sturdy chairs for the kitchen table recently. The chairs we were using were getting pretty beat up by the kids and since they were a wedding gift from my Great Aunt, they went back into hiding for now. Instead we picked up these chairs with dingy gold velvet seats:


They’ll work well as extra chairs for holidays as well, but the seat cover has already taken a beating thanks to it being the ‘art’ chair…so I ordered some oilcloth (but really it’s laminated cotton) on the cheap and picked up some extra foam and voila!


It’s a fun punchy pattern and it’s wipeable!! One day I can swap it out for something in the family of fancy, but for now, wipeable and fun are where it’s at.

A chair reborn!

We picked up this chair at the Kane County Flea Market a summer or two ago. I only actually looked at it because it was marked 50% off….and $35 is a reasonable amount for me to spend on a chair, haha (not the original ridiculous price of $70). However, the fabric has been fraying for some time, so it’s time for a redo! I picked up some remnant upholstery fabric for $9, and since that gave me just over a yard (it’s originally $30 a yard, which ouch) for my project, I would certainly have enough!


Here is the fabric I picked up:


Hopefully my after will be lovely too! Wish me luck!

The living room!

I took these pictures a week ago and while I’d like to have fancier ones where the pillows aren’t askew and perhaps it is a sunnier day, these will do for now! We picked up two vintage Drexel couches and they happen to be mid century, which works out with my vintage mid century Lane tables that I picked up for a song! I also included a close up the fabric detail because it’s quite neat.

It looks nice though! And it’s very quiet since the kids spend so much time in the basement….ahhhhh

The basement reveal!

If you’ve seen our basement up until now, you know that it’s basically an episode of hoarders down there….and while we did get rid of stuff we kept all the good stuff that is in good working order! We’ll paint down there once we get the first floor all done, but this will be a great extra space to have and the house already feels much bigger!!

We used every extra rug we had (and apparently we had a lot, haha) and now the kids have more room to play! Dress up and the tool bench are under those shelves behind the couch, there is a kitchen area and lots of cars/tracks -both train and car/puzzles/games/figures to play with. We can also use our treadmill and we put our old tv down here, so it can be a place to escape to! The paneling will all be painted a nice warm cream/white color and we think that will really brighten things up down here. We also have plans to eventually carpet in a beige color, but that’s a few years off. For now our rug extravaganza will do!

Stay tuned for the upstairs!

The Purge

Well, I’ve been busy the last few days and this weekend you’ll see what we’ve accomplished! The basement got tackled and while it’s not 100% done, it’s awesome down there! Natalie has a three day weekend this weekend and we have zero plans which is very very nice. We like to keep January somewhat calm before the month of birthdays begins! I’ll post pictures of the upstairs and basement this weekend, once everything is completed, it’s going to be nice and it feels really great to have purged so much stuff. Stay tuned!