Conrad is five!

I’m a day late with this post, haha, but we were gone yesterday!

February 27th, 2012 at a little past 8am, we found ourselves parents (the second time around) to a healthy baby boy! Weighing in at 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches long, the hospital staff was impressed with his full head of glorious hair –

This fall he starts kindergarten! How did we get here so fast? Happy (a day late) Birthday, Conrad!


Party ready

While this weekend sees us out of town to celebrate Conrad’s birthday on Monday, the following weekend sees us celebrating the kids birthdays! We have been needing to remove all our old photos from our old computers and it’s finally happening! I’ve been happily reuniting myself with videos of Conrad’s first laugh and the fact that we spent three of Natalie’s birthdays at the nature museum in the city (including one time with a twelve¬†day old in tow). So what am I doing with these rediscovered photos? Making poster boards for their birthdays! It’s fun for us to look back and smile and sigh….so many good memories already!! So many more to come!!

I still have plans to work on the kitchen, but my hand actually still isn’t 100% and I have to say that it’s rather annoying! I don’t have much work left to at least get it all painted (leaving touch ups for after the party), so I imagine that will all get completed. Then it will be time to clean like a madwoman and menu plan!

These warm days have been wonderful and we’ve been enjoying them so much. We hope you have too!


We decided to hit up Lake Geneva and it was a good time! It was certainly windier at the beach than in town, but the kids had a good time anyways. We headed home once Conrad had purple lips…..I think it will best be explained by the many photos I took:

Happy Birthday, James

He’s 40! He made it, more white hairs and all, haha. We had a lunch date (thanks Halmoni and Gomo for babysitting!) and then we came home and hung out and ate cake. It turned out ok….I misjudged how exactly to make chocolate curls, so we opted for chocolate shavings…it was still ok though.

A boastful Natalie post!

We had her parent teacher conferences this morning (thanks Dad for babysitting!) and she’s doing great! She’s been working hard in class and her teacher has noticed that she seems happier and busier in class, so that goes along with what we mostly see at home too (social snafus aside). She consistently scores in the 99% percentile in reading and 83% percentile in math! She has made great progress against herself and to explain what I mean, I’ll lay out her score progression:


  • fall 2015 – 45%
  • winter 2016 – 76%
  • spring 2016 – 83%
  • fall 2016 – 80% (a dip due to summer learning loss, it’s real!)
  • winter 2017 – 83%

While her percentile range for spring 2016 and winter 2017 are the same, her raw score for these two instances is different, spring – 194, winter – 199.


  • fall 2015 – 47%
  • winter 2016 – 94%
  • spring 2016 – 97%
  • fall 2016 – 99% (no dip because she basically spent the summer reading)
  • winter 2017 – 99%

Her percentile range between fall and winter is the same, but again, her raw score still increased from 212 to 220.

She’s also helpful in class! Her teacher told us that she recently moved her, because Natalie was spending a lot of time explaining math to her seat mate and while that was great to see, she wanted to give Natalie a break so she didn’t feel like she couldn’t do her own work. She also taught the class about composting, since we’re the only family in her class that composts! She’s doing really well and we’ll continue to work with her to feed her curiosity and her love of learning. Way to go, Nat!


It’s coming along nicely! I hurt my hand last week (opening paint no less) and so it hurt to grip anything (think: paint brush) and my projects were in a holding period….then it got better and I scraped wallpaper, primed and then painted a bunch of the kitchen. The next day I woke up with a sore hand…so, projects are off the table for me this week. When you can’t grip a tea mug with your dominant hand because it hurts too much….you put away the paintbrushes and scrapers and even…knitting needles…sigh. But back to the kitchen! It still needs crown moulding and shelving, but take a look!

I hope that after a few solid days where I’m not doing lots of projects, I’ll be able to get back to work on Sunday or Monday or gasp! even Tuesday……I’m happy with my progress though!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do we do anything special for Valentine’s Day? Not really, haha. Natalie exchanges valentine’s at school which she enjoys and I plan on scraping some wallpaper and priming another section in the kitchen, so….there ya go!

This Friday, we have parent teacher conferences in the morning and then since James has the day off, we’re going to head out and do something as a family! Saturday, James turns 40!!! His family is coming out to celebrate with us that day and we’ll feast on yummy food and bask in his old age!

It’s also supposed to be a warm weekend, so we’re very much looking forward to that. James is also off on Monday due to President’s Day, so I figure I’ll be able to finish the kitchen this weekend and then move on to the other little projects that are on my to do list before the combined kids birthday party (we mailed invitations yesterday). I have a list that I’d like to get done, but if things crop up (like watching a friend’s kids a bit extra) then obviously that fudges with my timeline a bit. No worries though, because we aren’t moving and have a long time to finish everything! It also helps that James reminds me how much work I have gotten done and that it’s ok to take breaks and enjoy life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!