Spring break: Friday!

Today, I’m babysitting for a friend’s kid, so other than baking something as our ‘activity’ today, not much is going to happen. This weekend, we hope to plant more arborvitae in our side lot, and then I’ll take a picture to show you our plan. I’m awake before anyone else (it’s sometimes my only alone time), so it’s tea time and reading for me!

Happy Friday!


Spring break: Wednesday!

We didn’t do anything of note…the kids received Target gift cards from their cousins, so we headed that way and they got to pick out some fun stuff. Then we pretty much hung out at home all day, which was really nice. Everyone got a lot of sleep and the earliest any of us woke up was 8am!!

Today is actually Thursday, and it’s quite rainy and chilly today. We are visiting with my Dad and Pat and little Madison, so that will be fun! Stay dry today!

Spring break: Tuesday!

We met up with our cousins today and had a lot of fun! The kids quickly came together and played lots of games and got along really well. It was a great chance for me to catch up with my cousin too, so that was a lot of fun! Here are some shots from the day:

As you may remember, James and I got to work ripping out the side lot’s bushes yesterday, when a gentleman from a landscaping company approached us and said he’d rake the yard, haul away the leaves and all the brush, rip out every last shrub on the side lot and mow for $500….so we said yes! This was a fraction of the estimate we got from another company for simply doing the raking and hauling away of leaves and cut branches, so we are thrilled!! Here is the before and after…we decided to use a small portion of our tax refund to plant the side lot and we are very excited about it! We’ve already gotten compliments from neighbors about how it’s looking better and better!

Spring break: Monday

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have plans pretty much every day this break. In light of that, I thought I’d post every day to share our week! James is off today and Thursday, so today, Natalie is hoping that a friend can come over and James will then take Conrad out to give the girls some peace. Since it’s still too early for her friend to come by, the kids headed out onto the trampoline to showcase their moves….I managed to catch some of them on film!

Tomorrow’s post will be a bit late, since we’re heading to Schaumburg to meet up with our cousins! We haven’t seen them since October, so we’re quite excited to catch up. Happy Monday!

Spring Break!

We are doing all the raking and collecting of brush ourselves, since the quote we got was too high. We’ll still pay someone to take it all away however, as it is A LOT of leaves and brush. The decision was also made to start ripping out the bushes on the side…..I pulled out one and James has already pulled out four! We will replace them with Emerald Green Arborvitae, which will act as a living fence and provide the privacy in the side lot that we need. I priced them today at Menards and it wasn’t too bad, so we’ll try and replace around half of them this year. We often joke that the neighbors must wonder why the tiny white girl is outside digging up a shrub while her ‘farm stock’ Mexican looking husband hides inside…hahaha (in case you didn’t know, James often gets mistaken for being Mexican and it isn’t just something that happens out here, it happened in the city quite a bit too).


We’re talking roofing and gutter options (since this will change this year!) and figuring out siding as well (not this year!). It’s exciting! Pulling out plants that are too close to the house, cutting and digging out saplings, it’s all happening in bits and pieces. We’re anxious for spring as you can tell. Tonight is make your own pizza and watch a movie..it’s spring break!!



It was a beautiful day outside today! I’m feeling better (thanks sleep!), Conrad was slow today, but a good night’s sleep ought to correct that. We did head outside today, because fresh air is good for you! He really wanted to build a robot, but I thought we could practice hammering with real tools, so I gathered some scrap wood and the necessary tools and we got to work. Conrad found a bit of garage roof (yikes!) and nailed that to the wood like a real pro!

James is getting roofing quotes over the next week…….and i’m researching RN-BSN programs! Heading back to school in the fall!!

He was really proud of himself and told me he was awesome! Haha, glad there’s no lack of confidence, kid. Natalie is officially on spring break and has a friend over, so she’s all excitement and giggles. We’re looking forward to not packing lunches and sleeping in!



A few of us seem to be sporting colds this week, I awoke yesterday with a fever, so James worked from home to help me out when I needed to rest. I’ve been getting lots of sleep (nine hours a ¬†night!) which while that is my normal amount, has been a real necessity coming off of being so busy for the last month and a half. Home projects (besides raking) have been on the back burner this week, and next week, we have plans every single day, so not much will happen then¬†either. We are getting a plant shipment April 10th, so outdoor work will be my focus for the immediate future!

Tonight, a friend and I head to the mayoral forum! Local elections are coming up and last week, we watched a live stream for the upcoming school board elections, so this week, it’s city council and mayoral candidates. We’re looking forward to being irritated at the crazy yahoos in town, haha! But seriously, it’s nice to be more engaged and informed and to exercise our right to vote.

Our quote for the yard clean up was exorbitant, so it looks like we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and getting to work ourselves. We already started raking, so more of that this weekend! We will see if someone can haul it all away for us, rather than us bag it all up….for days on end. I’m looking forward to spring!!