Spring Break!

We are doing all the raking and collecting of brush ourselves, since the quote we got was too high. We’ll still pay someone to take it all away however, as it is A LOT of leaves and brush. The decision was also made to start ripping out the bushes on the side…..I pulled out one and James has already pulled out four! We will replace them with Emerald Green Arborvitae, which will act as a living fence and provide the privacy in the side lot that we need. I priced them today at Menards and it wasn’t too bad, so we’ll try and replace around half of them this year. We often joke that the neighbors must wonder why the tiny white girl is outside digging up a shrub while her ‘farm stock’ Mexican looking husband hides inside…hahaha (in case you didn’t know, James often gets mistaken for being Mexican and it isn’t just something that happens out here, it happened in the city quite a bit too).


We’re talking roofing and gutter options (since this will change this year!) and figuring out siding as well (not this year!). It’s exciting! Pulling out plants that are too close to the house, cutting and digging out saplings, it’s all happening in bits and pieces. We’re anxious for spring as you can tell. Tonight is make your own pizza and watch a movie..it’s spring break!!



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