Spring break: Tuesday!

We met up with our cousins today and had a lot of fun! The kids quickly came together and played lots of games and got along really well. It was a great chance for me to catch up with my cousin too, so that was a lot of fun! Here are some shots from the day:

As you may remember, James and I got to work ripping out the side lot’s bushes yesterday, when a gentleman from a landscaping company approached us and said he’d rake the yard, haul away the leaves and all the brush, rip out every last shrub on the side lot and mow for $500….so we said yes! This was a fraction of the estimate we got from another company for simply doing the raking and hauling away of leaves and cut branches, so we are thrilled!! Here is the before and after…we decided to use a small portion of our tax refund to plant the side lot and we are very excited about it! We’ve already gotten compliments from neighbors about how it’s looking better and better!


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