Rainy day updates

We got a few things done on the inside, due to this rainy weather. We purchased this ceiling fan when we bought the house and now it lives in the kitchen! James swapped out our old, bulky, bulbous, 80’s ceiling fan in our kitchen for this sleek new model. It looks great! It feels like there is more headroom and it isn’t quite so large.


James rearranged our bookshelves and they are much more streamlined! I also redid the art above the piano – it had been bothering me since we moved the piano over here, and now it’s done. We also have a little reading space which is a delightful place to sit and read!


Next on my list is to bake a pie! Going to grab a basket and head across the street to harvest some rhubarb that was offered to us by our lovely neighbor. Let the dessert festivities begin!



They snuck it in between all the rain and here we are, with a new brown roof! Which goes ok with our green house, but will look even better with our new blue house next year! Gutters come on Monday…here she is!


What is today?

Roof day!! We’re getting a new roof today, folks! It’s a lovely chestnut brown and will go very nicely with our new siding……whenever that happens…..but it will also look lovely with our current siding! Pictures to come, right now I’m waiting for the littlest Park to wake up……

25 Arborvitae

That’s how many we planted….though it was James that did all of them! We’ve also planted 12 (?) boxwood and numerous annuals, perennials, and then there’s our perennial relocation program…..in short, we’ve been busy! I went through one side and ripped out the grass and tilled the soil and plan on completing the other side and then it’s time for landscape fabric and mulch. The city has free mulch!!! Who knew?!?! So, James will head over to public works with a bin and shovel and scoop up as much as we can for a few trips. We’re nearly done for the season and we’re really pleased with how much we accomplished! It will officially be bbq season in about a month, once we’re done with all the bits that need to get done before it’s too warm and we call it quits.

We’ll be getting a new roof in the coming weeks, so the front yard is on hold until that job is complete, then I’ll swoop in and finish what’s on my list for this year. We’ve been getting lots and lots of random neighbor/stranger compliments on our yard and it’s making us feel awesome! It’s wonderful that everyone else tells us that it’s fun to watch the yard transform.

Happy Monday!

Earth Day

We pretty much spent the entire day outside. Here are some highlights:

  • hit Kolze’s Garden Center and the kids happily picked out annuals and wandered outside on the grounds to pick the many large dandelions
  • Conrad ran through a grassy/dandelion patch with his arms out (much like that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle is running through a field singing) and then told me it was where he felt the most free (no idea)
  • Natalie reading reading reading outside in the sunlight for half of the day
  • Plantings lots of stuff, check it out:

It’s hard to see, but the magnolia will have two blooms this year and I’ve started edging the planting bed, though I don’t plan on completing that or maybe I do…we’ll see how it goes, haha. We’re not filling it in this year anyways, so it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.  23 arborvitae in, three more to go and then we’re done! Happy Earth Day!

Back to the front

Now that the trees on the side of the house are gone, I dug up all the daylilies and got back to work fixing the brick wall and the gravel path. Some of the bricks had been displaced from the tree guys and I was having a hard time picking out what material to border the one side of the gravel path. I ended up using pieces from the old outdoor fireplace and it looks good! The path that will continue past the gravel path will actually be a rock path (since I dug up enough rocks around the property to make one) and I’ll start on that later this week. Let’s look at some photos!

It’s alot sunnier now with those two trees removed – one was dead and one was simply too close to the house, so out they went! We plan on having this be our berry path….but that will have to happen another year. Right now, I’m happy to have fixed this area and take a break!

Big news!

Nat can ride a two wheeler!!! For the last two days, she has been interested in riding again and has even been practicing on the driveway, she mentioned that it was a bit hard to balance so I explained that she must pedal in order to maintain her balance…and voila! Haha, it was really just like that. The look on her face was pure gold as she was so proud and excited and stunned that she could just simply ride a bike!! We’re excited and proud of her too. Do I have pictures? No! Will I get pictures? Yes!