A little bathroom

It’s important to me that our half bath be period appropriate to the house….maybe because the toilet is so old and I feel like we should honor it’s life somehow…..haha, who knows, but we’re starting to collect ideas and items for in there. We’re in no rush to start work in here especially since outside and the first floor are the focus (hmm ok and the basement, but that’s because I don’t want toys in the living room anymore), but the faucet leaks and has since we moved in, so it will be bumped up on our priority list. We find it easy enough to make little changes here and there – a new towel ring, a new toilet seat, etc. I already have a light fixture for in here (from the Restore for $10) and a new mirror (free, my horse harness mirror, yay!) so we’ll move on in here at some point this year. I’d like to change the flooring too…..but we’ll see when that would happen.

Meanwhile, the black seat looks quite sharp! Check it out:


But picture some pretty new hex tile, a wall sink that is shallower, some pale pink high gloss paint on the walls, a new radiator cover….it will look glorious! Meanwhile, I’m pretty satisfied with just having a new toilet seat, haha. Happy Tuesday!


Garden path

We had a slow day yesterday. Conrad ended up going back to bed and taking a little morning nap (which if you’ve ever met a child, you know that this does not happen often) and after we dosed him with ibuprofen, he was feeling good enough to go outside and play. We waited to give him another dose until bedtime though, to help him get a good night’s sleep. He basically has a bad cold and responds better to ibuprofen than to acetaminophen, so he’ll be ‘normal’ during the day while he’s medicated.

James and I got some yard work done as well. It ended up being a really lovely and somewhat calm day. More mulching, some planting and a new garden path! It’s hard to tell from this picture, but this will be a path in between two garden beds – though only one is dug out for this year. We’ll dig out the other side next year when we’ll be filling in more of the garden. If you want a garden tour of all our plans, we’re happy to oblige!

This path will take you off the main curved path (through the arbor) and lead you to what will one day be my ‘tea garden’. It’s all very exciting and we’re so happy to have a big yard and make our plans and do the work! All so satisfying!

The grass will fill in around each block and the goal is to make our yard look like it’s always been this way, so little imperfections here and there are ok!


In other news, I started to prime the basement. If the kids can’t have toys in the living room, then it’s time to spruce up the basement, isn’t it! Stay tuned for those pictures. Happy Memorial Day!


Well, it had been a while but on Friday night, at 2am-ish, Conrad burst out of his room crying and coughing and having a hard time breathing….his barking cough let us know right away that he had croup. Conrad was pretty scared, but James and I both know that croup is actually in your throat and that most cases are mild. We also both know how to look for signs of respiratory distress and he seemed ok, but we remained on alert anyways as things can change. We briefly considered calling our pediatrician, but as Conrad calmed down, it seemed to improve. The best thing anyways, is to keep him calm and take him outside for some cool air, so we hung outside together (the 3 of us) for upwards of a half hour. An alternative is to turn on the shower and breathe in the steam, in case you ever find yourself with a crouper!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday! We’re laying low today in between our Memorial Day visits. Feels good to be hosting again!


Turns out that I worked really fast on this one! I guess after priming, painting and stripping window hardware on five windows, you do your sixth window SUPER fast, haha. But it looks great! I’ve ordered a little rug for out here and I’m going to work on the doors (have you seen those front door painted hinges?!!?!). Here it is!

I’m also going to change the color of the front door, I liked the yellow when I did it and I’ll leave the exterior as yellow, but for the inside I’d like to try something else. We’ll see those results coming to a blog post near you!


As I’ve mentioned, completing the first floor this year is on my list. I really don’t have much left! The entry, the mudroom and the kitchen are all partially completed and are the only remaining first floor rooms that need work. I have begun working on the entry – I recently had the motivation to scrape all the wallpaper out of the other half and after making a last minute trip to Menards to pick up some thick primer, that space is ready for some paint. I’m hoping to finish out this space next week and then I’ll be able to check one more thing off my to do list for the year!

I’ll polish the hardware (already stripped it) and paint the walls, ceiling and trim and the window and put it all back together. It’s looking brighter already, Happy Friday!


It’s Natalie’s last week of school and then summer break! Which seems crazy considering it’s in the 60’s right now…not exactly summery I’d say….but we’re all looking forward to not having to rush out of the house in the morning and I’m looking forward to not having to pack lunches! I mentioned before that we aren’t doing any summer camps this year in lieu of taking a trip instead. We feel that the money would be better spent going away and taking a break rather than trying to convince the kids they’d love a certain camp that we picked for them.

For now though, we’re still finishing up yard stuff, though with the weather being rainy and a bit cold and simply wanting to take a break, we’re not much further than the mulch picture I posted. I also got a migraine on Sunday and that put me out of commission for upwards of five hours – it was my first one in a really long time and I didn’t get an aura, so it sort of hit when I wasn’t expecting it. I’m planning on getting back to some solid yard work tomorrow and I did a little bit yesterday – planting some native ground cover in our side lot corner bed.

James is busy this week at work (his office location is moving!) so we’ll see how much I can get done along with having to do all my usual daily stuff….those kids want to eat every day and wear clean clothes! The nerve!

I’m also officially a student!!! I got accepted to my RN-BSN program and I matriculate this fall!! I’m excited and nervous and securing a loan to pay for school. It will help us a lot once I’m done and have more job options available! All good stuff.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Conrad riding his bike on one of our nicer days….he’s crazy fast on it…..sigh. If you’re wondering, he’s eating a carrot! That kid eats carrots as if he were a rabbit, haha.


A new to us bathroom sink!

Our upstairs family bathroom is in need of a renovation, but that is years away! Enter, a new bathroom sink! Our current one has a big bowl, but an odd sloped shallow counter surface where everything just falls into the bowl and a too tall gooseneck faucet that messes up our water pressure….so we hit the Restore a while back and picked up a basic sink for $25 with loads of lovely flat counter space and was the only one that fit the odd size we needed (it’s a bit shallower than standard sinks), score! It sat in our bedroom closet until today! Add in a $50 faucet from Menards and behold!

I scrubbed the sink since it had little gray paint splatters all over it and it all came off quite easily. The caulk needs to cure and we have to deal with that weird patch above the sink, but now our family bathroom is much more functional than ever before and will work for us until we can save up and renovate (though admittedly, this isn’t really a high priority for me, getting the first floor half bath up to speed is way more important!). We’re excited!