Well, it had been a while but on Friday night, at 2am-ish, Conrad burst out of his room crying and coughing and having a hard time breathing….his barking cough let us know right away that he had croup. Conrad was pretty scared, but James and I both know that croup is actually in your throat and that most cases are mild. We also both know how to look for signs of respiratory distress and he seemed ok, but we remained on alert anyways as things can change. We briefly considered calling our pediatrician, but as Conrad calmed down, it seemed to improve. The best thing anyways, is to keep him calm and take him outside for some cool air, so we hung outside together (the 3 of us) for upwards of a half hour. An alternative is to turn on the shower and breathe in the steam, in case you ever find yourself with a crouper!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday! We’re laying low today in between our Memorial Day visits. Feels good to be hosting again!


2 thoughts on “Croup

  1. So glad that my grandchildren have such wonderful and caring parents! Or, as your Grandma used to say, I’d have to harm ya!…. do you remember her saying that? How scary for you all, so glad Conrad recovered quickly. Love to all!

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