Some Park news!

I’ll get to the kids check ups in a minute, but first, we have some really exciting news – James got a new job!!! He starts mid-July and it means a lot of changes, but we’ll talk about those once it’s closer. Right now, we’re sort of swirling from the news…but it’s definitely exciting and very well deserved. Congratulations, James!!

The kids are doing great and are healthy. No shots this time around (no one is due until the age of 10) and just a finger poke for Conrad to check his iron levels.

Natalie’s stats:

7 year old height: 47.25″                               7 year old weight: 51lbs

8 year old height: 49.5″                                 8 year old weight: 63lbs

Conrad’s stats:

4 year old height: 40.5″                                 4 year old weight: 35lbs

5 year old height: 42.5″                                 5 year old weight: 38lbs

Their pediatrician is happy with their growth projection and it was a good visit. We have noticed that with snacks being readily accessible, the kids will simply eat a ton of those, so this summer, we’re starting to change up our snack options and require the kids to eat more vegetables with meals and more fruits for snacks. It’s a healthier option for all of us anyways! It does require that I do more prep work, but we’ll get into a groove. With the kids being older, it does make it easier for me to prep fresh instead of frozen.

Today we’re all sort of tired from traveling yesterday, so it’ll be a quiet day at home for us. Natalie’s room is getting a mini redo, which I’ll reveal later! Some cleaning and organizing and purging needs to happen first. Happy Friday!


The dining room

It’s really fun to look back at our house when we first got the keys. Our dining room was our playroom for the first year and then I decided we could move away from that and have an actual dining room. We primed and painted the walls and the trim, painted the ceiling, put up a ceiling medallion and a new light fixture and let’s not forget that James ripped out all the black carpet and padding on the entire first floor which allowed us to professionally refinish the gorgeous wood floors. I’m happy with how far we’ve come! We are grateful to everyone who came and helped us prime and paint and move in, we couldn’t have done it without any of you!

What a difference!


updated post: before and after photos for Conrad’s room to be found at the end of the post. an hour of work and his room is ready to go for now!

We had a semi-impromptu pancake breakfast with friends (because I make good pancakes!) followed by a round of bocce ball (that is a really fun game!) followed by a drive to Downers Grove to celebrate the next generation of cousins graduating high school! It was a busy and full day, but it was also really fun and really nice to see family we haven’t seen in months.

On our agenda this week: decluttering (isn’t that always on our list?!?!), cleaning, playing with friends, and seeing our pediatrician (who is also now a professor at Northwestern University Medical School, whoo hoo!).

I’ll try and take some before and after pictures because those kids rooms!……Conrad’s room is small, so that makes it challenging…he also brings in stuff from other areas of the house which contributes to the feelings of chaos. At a certain point, it just gets too overwhelming for the kids to organize, so I step in and help create some order. Do I get tired of that? I do! However, my kids need the guidance to learn and last I checked, that is exactly my job description, haha.

Happy Monday and enjoy the lovely weather!

Conrad’s room before, a desk close up, his lab assistant (that he made himself!), and the after:


Conrad’s interest in Godzilla has morphed into full blown dinosaur interest and he made a spinosaurus today out of cardboard pieces he found laying around….though it does explain what happened to the toilet paper roll from the first floor bathroom…..


Annual check ups…

Pros: we ended up having a lovely visit with my mom!

Cons: I drove for 3.5 hours, got a parking ticket, and nearly got into an accident for no reason….because the appointment is actually next week…doh!!!!

Haha, I made a big mistake and thought the kids were seeing their pediatrician yesterday, but nope! It’s next week. At least I learned we can hustle in the mornings and get out of the door before 8am! So next week, I’ll have updated stats for the kids. No one (I’m 99% certain because Conrad got an extra shot last year thanks to measles outbreaks) gets any shots this year, so the appointments should be fairly quick and painless.

We have a graduation party for my cousin this weekend, so it will be nice to see family and munch on yummy food. Have a great weekend!


A while back, we planted a slew of seeds….then it rained a bunch, then it got cold, then it rained, then it got sweltering hot, rabbits are jerks… get the picture. I decided that we should simply try again! Here is our second shot at peas, moonflower, and nasturtiums. Fingers crossed and rabbits beware!

I didn’t mention before, but Natalie came home from her last day of school with a tomato plant that she had planted as a wee seed. The stem broke and it was upsetting to her, but thankfully Halmoni and Gomo pointed out that you can plant the stem and it will root on its own. Natalie dutifully watered and tended to it and today, her plant is healthy and thriving and out of its starter pot:


She is a proud gardener this year! Last night, we spent a half hour weeding the flower beds and we discussed deadheading. I had confused her because I had pinched the flowers off the herbs but not the tomatoes. It led to a nice conversation about pollination, fruit formation, plant signals and the like. We finished off our evening with adding our weeds to our compost bin (James had dumped in our food scraps earlier that day) and giving it a spin for aeration.

Thunderstorms are due today, so stay dry!