Lawn Service

I just want to say that I LOVE having a lawn service….while I do not like how loud it is and neither do the kids, the fact that it’s done in 15 minutes and is trimmed and edged is nothing short of glorious, I tell ya!

Meanwhile, it’s going to be a gorgeous day today! Conrad is slowly getting better – just a cough remains but is otherwise in good (and talkative, wow) spirits. James has caught a cold and has been ordered to stay away from me because when I get sick, things get backlogged at home……

We are slowly but surely getting the yard in order. It’s looking really nice and we’re really happy with all that we’ve accomplished thus far! What’s left for our yard work extravaganza?

  • Plant ostrich ferns
  • Relocate solomon’s seal
  • Weed and edge side lot planting beds
  • Lay down landscape fabric and mulch!
  • Fill approximately 5000 lawn bags (ok or 25) with stuff we ripped out
  • Relax until next year!

I can usually get in a few hours of yard work if the kids will play…but this is always interrupted by sibling squabbles, letting the dogs out, fixing everyone meals, and other odd jobs like everyone wanting clean clothes…I mean, really?? Haha, anyways, it’s going to all be beautiful in five years!


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