updated with pictures at the end of the post!

Other than taking Izzy to the vet for her annual exam, which is slightly more chaotic when you have to bring two kids along……we’re just having at an home day. I have to dig up a 3×10 patch of grass and then mix in 6 bags of dirt to get ready for our plant shipment. We were out a lot yesterday and I have learned that both myself and the kids do much better if we can sandwich those days with days at home. It’s not that we can’t have multiple plans in a row, but we get spread more thin and then a crabby mama + crabby kids helps no one!

Our lawn guys offered to take away all of our concrete/brick rubble and the wood from the old swingset for less than the cost of a dumpster, so we are really excited to have it all disappear! I’m more than happy to do a lot of our own work around our house, but for some stuff, it’s absolutely lovely to just hire it out. I’ll take pictures when they’re finished!

It’s looking to be another beautiful day, so hope you all get out and enjoy it. Happy Wednesday!

Shazaam! It’s improving!



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