Our little hibiscus is blooming! It will eventually reach four feet high and wide, but for now it has lots of blooms and it’s quite pretty. I’m looking forward to having everything reach their mature size and enjoying all our hard work.

I’ve been teaching Natalie how to make her own scrambled eggs. It’s an easy first food to cook and she’s now old enough to learn how to make things for herself! It’s been a few times now and I give more for her to do each time with the eventual goal being complete independence in making scrambled eggs! Summer is a great time for us to work on these skills, since our days are wide open and we’re not as scheduled. I anticipate that she will be making her own breakfast from start to finish in just a few more times (she’s nervous about handling the stove). We’re talking about what to look for in cooked eggs (no globby parts), stove safety, when to salt, where the hottest part of the pan is, etc. It’s exciting and it gives her a real confidence boost!

The weather has cooled off a bit and so I hope you all enjoy the lovely day!


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