A while back, we planted a slew of seeds….then it rained a bunch, then it got cold, then it rained, then it got sweltering hot, rabbits are jerks… get the picture. I decided that we should simply try again! Here is our second shot at peas, moonflower, and nasturtiums. Fingers crossed and rabbits beware!

I didn’t mention before, but Natalie came home from her last day of school with a tomato plant that she had planted as a wee seed. The stem broke and it was upsetting to her, but thankfully Halmoni and Gomo pointed out that you can plant the stem and it will root on its own. Natalie dutifully watered and tended to it and today, her plant is healthy and thriving and out of its starter pot:


She is a proud gardener this year! Last night, we spent a half hour weeding the flower beds and we discussed deadheading. I had confused her because I had pinched the flowers off the herbs but not the tomatoes. It led to a nice conversation about pollination, fruit formation, plant signals and the like. We finished off our evening with adding our weeds to our compost bin (James had dumped in our food scraps earlier that day) and giving it a spin for aeration.

Thunderstorms are due today, so stay dry!




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