Some Park news!

I’ll get to the kids check ups in a minute, but first, we have some really exciting news – James got a new job!!! He starts mid-July and it means a lot of changes, but we’ll talk about those once it’s closer. Right now, we’re sort of swirling from the news…but it’s definitely exciting and very well deserved. Congratulations, James!!

The kids are doing great and are healthy. No shots this time around (no one is due until the age of 10) and just a finger poke for Conrad to check his iron levels.

Natalie’s stats:

7 year old height: 47.25″                               7 year old weight: 51lbs

8 year old height: 49.5″                                 8 year old weight: 63lbs

Conrad’s stats:

4 year old height: 40.5″                                 4 year old weight: 35lbs

5 year old height: 42.5″                                 5 year old weight: 38lbs

Their pediatrician is happy with their growth projection and it was a good visit. We have noticed that with snacks being readily accessible, the kids will simply eat a ton of those, so this summer, we’re starting to change up our snack options and require the kids to eat more vegetables with meals and more fruits for snacks. It’s a healthier option for all of us anyways! It does require that I do more prep work, but we’ll get into a groove. With the kids being older, it does make it easier for me to prep fresh instead of frozen.

Today we’re all sort of tired from traveling yesterday, so it’ll be a quiet day at home for us. Natalie’s room is getting a mini redo, which I’ll reveal later! Some cleaning and organizing and purging needs to happen first. Happy Friday!


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