Yesterday, we had a nice visit with Halmoni and Gomo and the kids may have talked non stop to fill them in on their ideas….they are both working on their own stories (with Conrad needing to narrate his to a willing secretary) and it was a fun day!

Today, we’re tackling Nat’s room. We have a nice tall bookshelf that we bought this past week and a friend is giving us a free desk! Though we won’t get our hands on the desk until she is back from vacation, that gives us time to organize and get things in place. Natalie is getting older and she is absolutely ready to have a room that will carry her through her teenage years. It’s exciting!

There is also a lot of talk swirling about a potential addition to our house….nope, never going to be a baby haha, but it will be a new garage/bedroom combo! James and I have been discussing this at length and while it’s at least two years off (for when I’m working full time), we’re 80% certain that we’re going to build an attached garage with a new master bedroom on top. Our house looks narrow and tall from the front and the one thing I don’t like about our house (otherwise I really do love it!) is how the driveway bisects the yard. This would open up the back a whole lot and provide a more cohesive look to the lot. We have yet to meet with anyone about this, but the same friend who is gifting us a free desk also has a degree in design, so we spent Friday afternoon chatting her up about our idea. It makes the most sense to do this when we also get new siding, so that’s how we came up with our timetable. We’ll keep you all posted about this!

The garden is coming along! Tomatoes are coming in, the kids made mint tea yesterday, raspberries are getting picked and eaten by the kids and their friends (James is gonna have to step it up to get any, haha), mid summer flowers are starting to bloom, mosquitoes are the worst….you know, normal summer stuff.

For now though, I’m the only one awake and it’s blissfully quiet. It’s time for me to go sit with the dogs and drink tea. Happy Sunday!


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