Today is a late start for Natalie, which unfortunately means that both kids start at about the same time….which puts me in a real bind. A friend is helping us out and taking Conrad to school while I get Nat to school, so thank goodness for help! Moving forward, we’ll make other arrangements so that we’re not left scrambling.

I have my first assignment due today and it’s been a wild few days for school. I’m still figuring out how to juggle everything and most days I honestly feel (and ok yeah, it’s only been three days, but still) like I’m just completely overwhelmed. I know it will get better and that the first week is tough…it’s been a long time since I’ve had to write research papers and divide polynomials! Though I am quite thankful for James, because not everyone can have a James in their life to quite literally turn to, read the math problem, and have him explain it on a dime! He should market himself as a math help robot for home!

Humphrey is doing quite well too, and the older dogs have settled down a lot with him. They still put him in his place, which we’re supervising, though it has generally been mild. He is quite a chewer though, so we work on this with him daily. I spend a lot of time teaching the kids how to redirect Humphrey and for the most part, they do a really great job. Those puppy teeth can hurt! It’s in everyone’s best interest to be on the same page with the littlest Park.

Well, I’m off to start today…. Happy Hump Day!



Conrad started kindergarten today!!! It was supposed to be yesterday, but he caught an awful cold over the weekend, so we ended up keeping him home. He brushed his teeth, got dressed and made his teachers a card! I think it’s going to be a good year.



Transition day number two

Conrad told me he had an even better day today and that he made a friend, another five year old! Though he told me he forgot his name (I told him it didn’t matter and that he would remember it in time) he said he had a great day and that he can’t wait to go back. Next week is his first full week, so hopefully these feelings last…..but I won’t be surprised if it ebbs and flows. Life is funny like that.

The best line from today:

Conrad: Mama, I feel really good about myself.

Me: smiling!!


Transition day number one

Conrad LOVED it! He was ready to go for ten minutes before I was and he had packed his backpack to boot! He was upset that it wasn’t a full normal class (it was shortened by an hour or so) and he can’t wait to go back tomorrow. My favorite line from today –

Me: You ready to go? Are you excited?

Conrad: My brain is freaking out but from happiness!

There ya have it, folks. Waiting until they’re ready = priceless!

A desk!

Nat wanted a desk, so I picked one up for $10 and we transformed it with just a little paint and some new knobs! It’s actually a sewing table (minus the sewing machine) so the size is just right to fit into Nat’s room. We’re really happy with how it turned out!

The paint and shellac we already had on hand and so with the ‘Nat approved’ knobs, it looks quite pretty! The total we spent on this project was $25, which is not too shabby!

Here in its temporary location in her room! It’s not completed, but for now it works!


A few updates: the front door stripping project has been put on hold since the weather has been either really windy or rainy or crazy buggy or hot. My hand is still hurting so priorities are regular household tasks instead of finishing Conrad’s room and any sort of weeding/stripping wallpaper/priming, etc.

10 years!

Today is our ten year anniversary and my mom is coming out to stay so we can have a proper date! We got engaged in Lake Geneva, so we’re having dinner next to the actual lake, but not exactly in the aforementioned town. It’s exciting!

We also have some big news…….we decided to throw caution to the wind and get a puppy!!! His name is Humphrey, he’s a Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix) and we pick him up tomorrow. Pictures of his royal cuteness to follow….

Apparently we didn’t have enough going on……haha. So my juggling skills will get a workout as I manage both kids getting to school on time, a full time course load for myself, puppy duty and applying to the school district as a substitute RN….I’m nervous and excited and overwhelmed. James keeps telling me I can handle all of this….and that it also means he needs to help out more. We’re definitely going to get through it if we all work together, so work together we will!

Happy Anniversary to us!