Conrad Passing Little Ninjas


As promised, here is the video of Conrad breaking a board on his 8th week of little ninjas.


I love it!

I did three coats of trim and cleared out some stuff that had piled up so I can move on down the line. It looks great though! I hope to be done in about a week or so….


Breaking Boards

Today, Conrad graduated from his Little Ninja’s class and broke his first board! James took a video which he’ll put up soon, but here he is with his broken board. He takes this class pretty seriously while still having a really fun time. He’s moving on up to their Karate Kids class and we’re so proud of him!


A Master Bedroom

I’ve started it! I’m rolling this time to make the painting time go faster since I have to break up the work over lots of days to keep my hand from cramping. Some people would say something crazy like, “Julie, don’t paint!”, but to you I say, “what now??” or “who is this?”. It’s going to be beautiful once it’s done!
The wall color is a very light pink/peach color which feels really warm and cozy to me. The trim color is a lovely midnight blue that will be a high gloss and I can’t wait to see the final product! I do know that painting with dark colors generally looks awful until you get all the coats up, so while it looks sort of streaky and iffy now, it will look gorgeous and sophisticated once it’s all done. Unless I’m wrong…haha


It also photographs sort of off anyways, so I’ll wait until a sunny day to show off the final results! I love it so far and I can’t wait to put the whole room together. I never did get to those bulbs…I still have time though!

Thrift store to the rescue!

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of bedside lamps for our master bedroom makeover…and I don’t know if you’ve shopped for lamps lately, but holy moly, they are pricey! Now, even if the last time you shopped for lamps was ten years ago, I’m sure the prices haven’t changed… lately doesn’t really have much to do with it I suppose. Anyhoo, I decided after looking and looking and liking the $300 lamp that I would try the thrift store. Lo and behold! A matching pair of brass lamps with marble bases (who cares if any of it is real) for $22. Sold! But wait, there’s more! I noticed a sign that said ‘lamps 50% off’, so I scored these babies for a mere $11. Absolute awesomeness. I’ll pick up some modern shades to perk them up and voila! Bedside lamps that don’t cost more than our car payment!


The thrift store also has all their Christmas stuff out (I know I know, I’m with you on that one) so we scored some more nutcrackers to add to our growing collection. Those go fast, so I picked up a bunch!

Today seems to be a bit nicer, so I’m hoping to get our tulip bulbs planted. Stay warm everyone!


Everyone is better and back at school/work…though technically James never got a day off of work anyways. The deep clean is done for the first floor, so I’ll move upward this week! Just thought I’d give some quick updates:

  • Turns out I need giant lamps for our bedroom to fit the scale of our headboard…who knew?!? To the thrift store (because sheesh, lamps are pricey)!
  • The industrial looking curtain rods I picked up at Target did not turn out to be black as I had initially planned, but the steel look is even better!
  • While we found a lovely fridge for our forever kitchen, we’ve decided that for the time being we’ll get rid of the current one, bring up the one from the basement and replace that one with a freezer.
  • We’re moving forward with getting quotes for all sorts of work, from a garage addition (plus and minus a bedroom over it), to installing a back door off the kitchen nook, and replacing the front steps and front door…it’s exciting!

Halloween is next week, so our focus will be on getting costume ready! I’m pleased to report that we picked up all our Halloween gear at the thrift shop this year. Stay tuned for spooky pictures! Ooooooooooooh!


Both kids are home sick today, so it’ll definitely be low key for us! I have been working my way through a deep clean this fall with yesterday being, ‘day one of the deep clean’. It’s time to scrub kitchen cabinets and wash all the windows, dust everything that is dusty and clean the floors! Some of this stuff happens on quite a regular basis (like easy dusting and cleaning the floors) and some of it happens once a year (kitchen cabinets and windows). It’s going to be gorgeous weather for a few days, so I thought I’d take advantage and get our house scrubbed before we basically shut it up for the impending cold season.  My hand is nearly better so I think painting can happen next week. While I had the best of intentions about getting some done this week, it just didn’t happen for a few reasons – James and the kids are sick and the house needs to be deep cleaned and last but not least, my hand isn’t 100% yet.

The bathroom is coming together though and if I had an inspiration board to show you, you’d all be ooohing and aaahing yourselves silly!

Humphrey is nearly four months old and has made some big improvements this week! He’s walking around the block and I’ve been working on ‘wait’, ‘sit’, and ‘up’ commands with him! While still afraid of everything (he scurries to the door anytime a dog barks from far away, haha), I am working on reassuring him so that his fears don’t turn into real problems. Admittedly, we sometimes forget just how young he is and it’s because he’s so much bigger than our older dogs! Once we consider his age, we realize just how great he’s doing. Humphrey is really very sweet and goofy and we’re so glad he’s here!

Time to tackle the dining room! Happy weekend!