Fun dining room accent chair and movie night!

Friday nights we reserve for pizza and movies. Last night’s adventure was, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which I’ve been wanting to watch forever! The kids seemed to like it too:


This also gives you a chance to see how our house generally looks…unless you’ve been here because we don’t really hide the fact that we live here and that it’s messy.

Conrad and I hit the Restore yesterday. He wanted robot parts and I just wanted to look around. While I found lots of interesting things, I only picked up one thing, this lovely chair:


It’s in awesome shape and very sturdy  – which isn’t always the case. I’ve wanted a chair like this for a long time and I was happy to discover one that was inexpensive ($35) and whose upholstery I liked!

I was also quite pleased that the lady who rang us up, gave us one item for free. Why did she do this, you might be asking yourself? She told me that Conrad was so well behaved at the store, that she wanted to give him something. Isn’t that lovely? And the thing is, he was so well behaved! He was polite and not crazy and it was just one of those times where it all worked out (and there are plenty of times where I’m out with the kids and it’s zombie apocalypse). It was really great that she said something too! People judge and condemn parents quite often, so it’s really special when someone is complimentary. I didn’t go and weep or anything, but I did pass along her message to Conrad and he felt really proud of himself too. Positive reinforcement, people! It works.

We’re visiting dear friends this weekend to see their new house! Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Fun dining room accent chair and movie night!

  1. Great photos! Your home looks terrific and so homey!!! Terrific chair! Do they have any dressers? Have a fun weekend and thanks for the kids photo! Made me chuckle how cute they are!!

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