These two…..

We put together our gingerbread turkey from Gomo!


Some dog pictures because it’s fun!

Humphrey is up to a whopping 27lbs! He’s barely five months old and a giant to us! Here are some dog photos and a photobomb by Izzy…it’s what she does the best!

We are all very excited to attend Nat’s very first piano recital this Sunday! We’ve got family coming to cheer her on and Nat is nervous and excited. She’s going to be great! I’ll be practicing with her this week to help settle her nerves and then she’ll be ready to go. It’s a duet with her instructor and she’s been practicing the song for a few weeks. Good stuff!!

Hopefully we’ll figure out a tree situation this week….I’m thinking of just going for it and crossing my fingers…


Thanksgiving weekend was mostly a bust again this year and Conrad and I are staying home today as we’re sick. I know, I stay home every day, haha. Humor helps you heal faster? We haven’t finished our Christmas decorating and we’re not sure where or what to do about a tree (that Humphrey is trouble!), so we’re just taking our time and getting done what we can.

Hope you’re all well!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re heading to celebrate with family (twice!) so it’ll be a busy weekend for us, but this year, we’re trying something new….The Park Family is cutting down their own tree! It felt like I should capitalize all of that, but if you just say it with an echoed voice then you’ll get the right effect.

We have used the same fake tree for years now, but I thought we could change things up this year. We’re putting it on a table anyways (to at least attempt at Humphrey proofing it) and rather than invest in another fake tree, I thought we could have a little Park Family Adventure! instead.

Traditionally, we decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving, so the kids are very much looking forward to that. I had tried to put it off, but honestly once the new year rolls around I want anything and everything Christmas to be gone, so this way we get to enjoy it all the way leading up to it instead. I’ll post some pictures of our adventure and of our house once it’s all set up and done.

Safe travels and stay thankful!

A new rug

It’s here! I am currently trying to get the room set up, but meanwhile it’s really nice to have it just be open. The dogs and the kids always love an open space! As a bonus, you can see the new chenille velvet curtain ($5 thrift store deal!) I made for the stairwell. It pulls colors from the new living room rug and the existing hallway runner. Score for Julie!



I hemmed both dining room curtains and sewed up a new tablecloth! Little by little, getting things done:

Humphrey ate a nice little hole in our previous dining room rug, so we moved that to the basement. This rug was my $50 thrift store purchase and we picked up a larger rug for the living room. The living room needed a much bigger one anyways, so I found a wool one on the cheap! Stay tuned for those pics.


The kids are off of school today and James took the day off too! I have felt nothing if not super behind, but since it’s a schedule of my own making, feeling behind is somewhat silly. I have wanted to work on our bedroom for close to two weeks and all I’ve managed to do is sew one curtain panel….but you know what else I’ve done? Lots and lots and lots! Someone has to clean the kitchen, feed the growing kids and puppy, oh and let said puppy out about 15 times a day (he LOVES the cold) and take care of the sick kids and healthy kids, deal with two leaks and entertain family for a birthday and so….my life is chock full of hiccups. I have a hard time with this – putting off my projects for life stuff, but thankfully James doesn’t care at all (and is the one who points out that the timeline of completion is my own doing).

In other news, it’s really hard to get a good picture of all three dogs looking cute and at the camera, but I did it!


I also tried sewing one of the dining room curtains to make it a bit shorter (it puddles on the floor and we’re not fans) and after it taking two days to do (thanks to sewing machine issues), it turns out that I miss the curtain clips. I made a loop for the rod and I can’t open them all the way….


Some people might point out that I could also measure before I sew, but I say, no! The fabric is also just too thick to bunch properly. So, I’ll just shorten them a bit more and use the clips again. I refuse to move the rod up or widen it, mostly because then I’d have to fill the holes and patch and paint and that sounds tedious and annoying. Curtain clips for the win! As an aside, I invested in some really nice sewing shears and they are the stuff of dreams! Of dreams, I say!

Here’s to staying warm for the next few months people, because it seems like it’s going to be a COLD winter!