Chester is 12 today!

Happy Birthday to Chester! Our oldest and littlest dog – who still has a lot of spunk and feistiness!



Project list for 2018:

It’s not super long actually….

  1. Turn sunroom into a library
  2. Grow lettuce from seed
  3. Amend soil for our foundation bed (it’s clay, so we can’t plant anything else until we get it in better shape)
  4. Remove flagpole and apple tree and fill in with dirt

That may in fact, be it for this year…..I’m trying to improve my health* and spend lots of time with the kids and if you’ve never had a puppy before, well, they interrupt all your activities and make everything take a lot longer….so we’re scaling back this year!

*I’m fine, mom. Really! I just have generally put myself last while I take care of the kids and the house and I’d like to switch that around this year and eat better and exercise more and gain back some flexibility. I have had lower back pain since being pregnant with Conrad and at times it’s quite debilitating. Yoga and stretching and walking to the rescue! 


We’re celebrating this little monkey dog’s 12 birthday on Wednesday!!!!! Humphrey is a fan of him as much as I am!

Oh Izzy

That Izzy….she’s a sweet dog but boy, is she bad! Yesterday she wolfed down so many grapes that even the vet was impressed with the volume. The kids and I had to run her to the vet to basically get her stomach pumped and while grapes – leading to kidney failure and death – is rare, it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. So, to the vet we went! They drew labs and got her to vomit and today we’ll bring her back to make sure her labs are all within normal range. She seems fine. That Izzy…..she is so bad!

Anyways, I’m mentioning this because it changes our vacation plans a tad bit. We had wanted to take an extended weekend trip but with this unexpected vet bill, we’re changing things up and going somewhere closer and for a shorter time. At least we’ll still be able to go somewhere! And our beloved Izzy will survive another emergency vet incident. That Izzy……

2018, here we come!

Until spring arrives and I can work in the yard, my main focus is going to be organizing and getting rid of stuff. I know, I know, it’s totally cliche to ‘declutter’ and I talk about it every year, but the funny thing about decluttering is that stuff keeps showing up….so it never really ends.

I’m going to focus on an area a month, so January will be the kitchen! We’re outgrowing some stuff….the kids refill their little plastic cups so often during a meal, that I’ve simply started giving them the ‘grownup’ stuff instead. I’ll pull everything out, see what’s missing or broken or what we’ve never used and put what’s left back in the cabinets! It’s not terribly exciting and I probably won’t take pictures about it, so instead I’ll just try and make more kid posts.

The brief warm spell has been delightful! I let the dogs out between 7-10 times a day, so I very much appreciate that my face doesn’t sting every single time. Humphrey has been relatively accident free for a few months now and it’s much MUCH better. He’s better at walking too though he will wander into the street if you’re not paying attention….so I’m working on that with him.

Nat’s first day back at school was just fine and Conrad returns tomorrow. Yay for some quiet alone time!!!