Last day of break

Today is the last day of winter break and it’s been the most relaxing break I can remember in a long time. I haven’t done any house projects in a few months and it’s been somewhat freeing. We scaled back on chores too and are doing the required minimum so that at the very least, everyone is fed and clothed. One negative that stands out is that I had pretty bad headaches – for ten days straight and while some of that was sinus pressure related, some of it was migraine related because of the temperature extreme and it was not nearly as fun as it sounds.

In another post, I mentioned that we have some goals and one of them is to put aside all the painting and finishing rooms (unless the mood strikes, but it hasn’t yet even a little bit) and just spend time with the kids and the dogs (Humphrey is in prime puppy energy stage right now anyways) and with James. It’s really ok if things sit unfinished for a few more months. Burnout is real, yo! My to do lists were becoming burdensome and I still haven’t been making them. I try but it makes me feel tired, so I make a different list (one that includes play with kids) and it instantly feels better.

Now, I realize that my house finishing burnout is temporary and quite possibly related to getting a puppy and James being gone 12 hours a day….so I’m not too worried about it. Also, it’s cold!! Hibernation should be a thing.

I’ll end this post with some photos. I know how you all hate that, haha.




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