2018, here we come!

Until spring arrives and I can work in the yard, my main focus is going to be organizing and getting rid of stuff. I know, I know, it’s totally cliche to ‘declutter’ and I talk about it every year, but the funny thing about decluttering is that stuff keeps showing up….so it never really ends.

I’m going to focus on an area a month, so January will be the kitchen! We’re outgrowing some stuff….the kids refill their little plastic cups so often during a meal, that I’ve simply started giving them the ‘grownup’ stuff instead. I’ll pull everything out, see what’s missing or broken or what we’ve never used and put what’s left back in the cabinets! It’s not terribly exciting and I probably won’t take pictures about it, so instead I’ll just try and make more kid posts.

The brief warm spell has been delightful! I let the dogs out between 7-10 times a day, so I very much appreciate that my face doesn’t sting every single time. Humphrey has been relatively accident free for a few months now and it’s much MUCH better. He’s better at walking too though he will wander into the street if you’re not paying attention….so I’m working on that with him.

Nat’s first day back at school was just fine and Conrad returns tomorrow. Yay for some quiet alone time!!!



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