A Master Closet

James and I have never had a master closet before….at the building, it was small and filled with whatever (and then our bedroom was a living room, so no closet, haha) and at the townhouse, it was Conrad’s bedroom…so this is actually our first master closet! It’s also huge….today I fit a 6×9 rug and there is still open floor space.

The previous owner left some things in our master closet and we filled it up before we moved into the house while we were here working on stuff and needed an out of the way place to stash stuff. It just got worse as we piled more things in to be dealt with in the future and well, the future is here! Today, I emptied our master closet and now I have to go through stuff…..I filled four garbage bags and three donate bags and while I’m not nearly done. I did manage to clear off our bed so that it no longer looks like this:


Our closet now looks like this:


It will be done over the weekend and then it will be glorious! In the meantime, I have lots of items to sift through….


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