Yellow belt!

This one passed his test and is officially a yellow belt!! Congratulations, Conrad!




We met with Halmoni and Gomo today to celebrate the kids birthdays and it was warmish (enough!) to eat cake outside!

Natalie’s birthday!

Yesterday our sweet girl turned 9….we’re not certain how that happened, but here we are! She had a fun day on Saturday with a friend and for her actual birthday, we made sure to each spend one on one time with her, as she often has to share all her time with Conrad. The unfortunate part about the weekend, is that both kids are sick (Conrad woke up with croup on Saturday and Nat put herself to bed early both days…) and so today sees us resting. Conrad has moved into having a fever and Nat has a fever as well. Fun times!

I’ll put up my photo montage for Nat later – because I use the free version of this blog, I have limited space for uploading photos. I often have to go back and delete a bunch in order to put up new ones. I’m almost always at 99% and so, there is always deleting to do.

Happy Birthday to our big girl!

The Park Library

It’s done! I have thought about moving the library in here for over a year now and I’m so glad that we made it happen. In the future, we’ll get another bookcase for the other wall, but for now this meets our needs without us having to spend a dime. It’s fun to ‘shop’ your own house!



I decided to just do it! So, I’m moving the current bookcases into the sunroom. We’ll purchase more bookcases as we can afford to, but for now there is zero reason to wait. It’s going to be great! Also….we have a lot of books…this isn’t even all of them!

Natalie’s birthday is this upcoming Sunday and we can’t believe she’s going to be nine! It suddenly all went by so fast….but I would be remiss if I didn’t boast about her. There is a child in her class that has coordination issues (weak muscles is how Nat describes it, so I’m not sure if it’s muscular dystrophy) and since second grade, Nat has helped him – she has carried his books for him, helped him use the elevator, walked him to the nurse when he has fallen, etc. Lately she has been coming out late when I pick her up because she is helping him with his backpack. Today while I saw a few children I know run to their parents as they got picked up, I saw my daughter walking out of the school carrying an extra backpack. She saw me waiting and I proudly and patiently waited as I saw her join this classmate in the car riders line and help him put it on.  I smiled not because my child was happy and ran to me but because I got to witness her being helpful and kind. This made my heart sing!
Hope you all stay warm and dry on this wet Tuesday!


We haven’t made much progress on much of anything due to life/work stuff, but in light of both of our refrigerators being cranked all the way up just to keep things at a normal temperature, we have made the decision to upgrade our main floor refrigerator! We had been hoping to have them last a bit longer, but getting a new fridge that works more efficiently and keeps our groceries fresher (especially when you consider how much you spend on fresh food!)is worth it in our book. The basement one will be replaced with just a freezer and that may or may not happen anytime soon…..

I have lots I’d like to get done, but I’m still not really having as much time as I’d like to devote to painting/getting our house done. And? That’s actually really ok! I’m enjoying making time for other things, like baking and crossword puzzles and helping Conrad with reading and just being more present for the kids. If I’m split doing so many house things, I’m not nearly as patient as I should be and as my mom and James like to point out, I’ve been working on the house pretty much nonstop since we moved in (and a bit before) so I’m allowed to take a break, haha.

Today sees us:

  • finalizing our fridge purchase
  • starting some of our vegetable seeds!
  • Sunday = Natalie baking day (today’s menu is cake!)
  • booking our spring break vacation

Hope you all get out to enjoy the sunshine and little bit of spring warmth before snowy/rain comes at us tomorrow.


Conrad is officially 6!

While his birthday was yesterday,  we were able to make something special happen with some last minute planning. James managed to get a partial day off (the evening before no less) and the weather was gorgeous and the zoo was free! It was a really fun day and this year marks three years in a row of zoo birthday celebrations for our animal lover. Here are some pics! Can’t believe our youngest is 6!