Today has been a slow one at home, per request! We baked brownies, watched some shows, did some art, and did some gardening!

The hostas in the corner bed were always a place filler and the Virgin’s Bower is going crazy this year….so I cleaned it out a bit. Our neighbor gave us some evening primrose and that will be a nice bright pop of color in that bed, so I began moving the hostas! One hosta that I’m not relocating is beginning to flower and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to practice close up shots:


Painting is on my ‘to do’ list this week, but I’m happily going slow and getting other things done as well. Balance at its finest! Conrad has picked out his new room colors, so I’m excited to get that project started in the coming days! Hope everyone enjoyed the much needed rain. I know our plants were thankful!



Father’s Day

It was another hot one for the books, but it was a good day! The kids either made James a card or gave him a store bought one that they picked out and I made everyone french toast. We ticked off some of our ‘to do’ list, including upgrading our camera (we got an entry level DSLR – Canon EOS rebel t6!). It’s very very nice. I cannot state this quite enough. It’s nice. I have a lot to learn to use it to its full advantage, but for now, I did take some photos of the secret garden.



Next year, it will have vines climbing up the trellises and be a bit more defined (haha and hopefully more secret), but it’s a great start and I’m glad to have gotten in the bones of the garden for this year. It’s CRAZY mosquito-ey in the secret garden, so it gets ignored for the most part…..

We’re visiting with dear friends today and then it’s time to get back to work on the bedrooms once we have a break in the weather (painting is not such a great thing to do when your house is all shut up and it’s a bajillion degrees out) on Tuesday.



We hit up the Midsommar festival in Rockford yesterday and boy, was it hot! We watched some maypole dancing and checked out some cool Viking weaponry and watched a play about the Tomte and Midsommar. It was small, but it was interesting and I’m glad we went (despite how flushed the rest of my family looked, haha). While I neglected to snap any pics at the actual festival, I did manage to get this one at the Barnes and Noble nearby…the kids found the Harry Potter stuff and desperately wanted to get sorted…..


With this intense heat, we’re mostly laying low. Hope everyone is keeping cool and we’ll check back in later this week!

An herb garden!

Forgive the need to mow that is evident in this photograph, but admire the start of an herb garden! I recently planted trailing portulaca in the cinder block holes, so I’m hoping in a month, it all looks quite filled in and that we also have climbing moonflower up the obelisk!. I had meant to post a photo of our herb garden a while ago, but I wanted to finish it off first. We’ve already harvested mint and parsley! Whatever we don’t harvest will eventually flower which is beneficial to the bees and butterflies, so no matter what, it’s a complete win-win. Stay cool this weekend!



This post is publishing on a Thursday, but I’ll be talking about how we spent our Wednesday….so far this week has been really nice! Conrad loves space camp and on Tuesday at pick up, the camp leader told me that he’s the sweetest kid and that they are all in love with him (which made my heart sing!). He’s got just a few days left of that, and otherwise, we’re just taking it slow this week.

I haven’t done much in the way of painting, but I’ve been fine tuning our storage solutions and just taking a little break from the long weekend. We worked for hours on both days and this year’s focus is balance! In light of more balance, I thought I’d post a little pic of our tea parchment experiment. We have done this before (over Christmas break, perhaps?) and Conrad and Natalie have been watching the Netflix show, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and Conrad wanted some old looking parchment to make a map, so I brewed up some tea and voila!


We’re four sheets in and we decided to brew the pages for different amounts of time to see if it made any difference in the darkness. I’ll let you know how that turns out! Meanwhile, just cleaning things up, putting the house back in order and puttering in the garden. It’s been really fun to fine tune a single planting bed instead of working for weeks to fill up 120 feet!