Both kids are home sick today, so it’ll definitely be low key for us! I have been working my way through a deep clean this fall with yesterday being, ‘day one of the deep clean’. It’s time to scrub kitchen cabinets and wash all the windows, dust everything that is dusty and clean the floors! Some of this stuff happens on quite a regular basis (like easy dusting and cleaning the floors) and some of it happens once a year (kitchen cabinets and windows). It’s going to be gorgeous weather for a few days, so I thought I’d take advantage and get our house scrubbed before we basically shut it up for the impending cold season.  My hand is nearly better so I think painting can happen next week. While I had the best of intentions about getting some done this week, it just didn’t happen for a few reasons – James and the kids are sick and the house needs to be deep cleaned and last but not least, my hand isn’t 100% yet.

The bathroom is coming together though and if I had an inspiration board to show you, you’d all be ooohing and aaahing yourselves silly!

Humphrey is nearly four months old and has made some big improvements this week! He’s walking around the block and I’ve been working on ‘wait’, ‘sit’, and ‘up’ commands with him! While still afraid of everything (he scurries to the door anytime a dog barks from far away, haha), I am working on reassuring him so that his fears don’t turn into real problems. Admittedly, we sometimes forget just how young he is and it’s because he’s so much bigger than our older dogs! Once we consider his age, we realize just how great he’s doing. Humphrey is really very sweet and goofy and we’re so glad he’s here!

Time to tackle the dining room! Happy weekend!


The top of the stairs

While the walls wait to be finished, I did find some easy art for here! The table I picked up last year at the thrift store, turns out to be a reproduction Martha Washington sewing table and while I paid $35 for mine, I saw an exact one at the antique mall for $110… point goes to me! It’s quite narrow, so it doesn’t ever feel like it’s in the way when you pass by. The hanger I had picked up a few years ago on etsy (don’t remember the price), the vase is from James’ mom’s house and the bunny tapestry is actually just a tea towel I got for $7. I sewed on some loops and voila – a nice focal point at the top of the stairs!


Fun dining room accent chair and movie night!

Friday nights we reserve for pizza and movies. Last night’s adventure was, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which I’ve been wanting to watch forever! The kids seemed to like it too:


This also gives you a chance to see how our house generally looks…unless you’ve been here because we don’t really hide the fact that we live here and that it’s messy.

Conrad and I hit the Restore yesterday. He wanted robot parts and I just wanted to look around. While I found lots of interesting things, I only picked up one thing, this lovely chair:


It’s in awesome shape and very sturdy  – which isn’t always the case. I’ve wanted a chair like this for a long time and I was happy to discover one that was inexpensive ($35) and whose upholstery I liked!

I was also quite pleased that the lady who rang us up, gave us one item for free. Why did she do this, you might be asking yourself? She told me that Conrad was so well behaved at the store, that she wanted to give him something. Isn’t that lovely? And the thing is, he was so well behaved! He was polite and not crazy and it was just one of those times where it all worked out (and there are plenty of times where I’m out with the kids and it’s zombie apocalypse). It was really great that she said something too! People judge and condemn parents quite often, so it’s really special when someone is complimentary. I didn’t go and weep or anything, but I did pass along her message to Conrad and he felt really proud of himself too. Positive reinforcement, people! It works.

We’re visiting dear friends this weekend to see their new house! Have a great weekend!

Needlepoint Wingback Chair of Dreams

It’s a fantastic chair! We spotted it at the thrift store, I had a 25% off card, so we got it for under $50. It’s in pristine condition, no tears, no worn out areas, no smells (gotta do the smell check) and it’s the perfect scale to go with my (also thrifted) Ethan Allen side table and antique store lamp! It’s a nice little area and we all use it and sit here and read. I’ve paired it with a more modern ottoman and while the gray isn’t quite right, a blanket folded over does wonders to change it up. Also, I don’t live in a catalog or an interior design store….so it’s ok, haha. Check out that pattern though! Isn’t it fabulous?? It makes me smile every time I sit down….

Lo and behold!

James found the camera! I had put it in a weird drawer, so yay! I’m not painting yet….today while mopping, my right hand cramped up while gripping and pushing, so…..hopefully next week?  Anyways, here is our lovely new couch. It’s certainly not the upholstery choice of my dreams (white, eeek!), but it has a lovely shape and we keep it covered to save it from muddy dog paws. It’s super comfortable and it’s the perfect size for our living room! Because scale matters, people! I’m a slow learner, but I eventually get there. We’ve also decorated for Halloween and it’s the best we’ve ever done I think. Part of the room didn’t get photographed (we have this fabulous needlepoint wingback chair) because the old couch is still there and a spring busted through the bottom and moving it around by myself scratches up the floors.

Humphrey is doing really well, considering he isn’t even four months old yet. I do let him out quite a bit and while he doesn’t like going for walks, he does love laying in the grass, rain or shine. He’s learning to let me know when he has to go to the bathroom and uses the puppy pads instead of random floor locations (which are now down to two locations from seven!) and we’ve started teaching him tricks. He’s completely afraid of Izzy and so he steers clear of her or submits to her which cracks us up. He’s HUGE now and is taller than both dogs and while he doesn’t weigh as much as Izzy yet, he is gaining on her. He loves to dig and eat rabbit poop and chase blowing leaves into the street and bite at rain drops, haha. What a lovable buffoon! It’s a lot of work though, and I’m feeling pretty tired! Thank goodness he’s so darn cute:


Master Bedroom

Our new bedspread came yesterday and it’s in the dryer as we speak! Thankfully for our bedroom overhaul, we don’t have a single piece of furniture to purchase and we don’t need any rugs since we’re keeping the carpet. What is on my list then?

  • All new bedding – we buy sheets once a decade and we just picked up some lovely sheets for the kids and James looked at my sad longing face and said, just buy us some too, it’s ok. I also picked up a new bedspread for us – but we’ll still use our current one for colder months.
  • Matching bedside lamps – I’m not normally a matchy kind of person…I do NOT want matching chairs or tables or anything (except candle related items!! I love pairs of those) but I really want our bedroom to feel calm and soothing and a pair of lamps allows your eyes to rest and not chaotically scan.
  • Curtains on the cheap – we have a huge window in our room and I don’t know if you’ve shopped for curtains lately, but they can be really pricey. Two panels isn’t enough for these suckers, and also, I’m crazy picky about what to put in our room. My solution is a simple drop cloth. Easy peasy, already hemmed and cheapo!
  • Window hardware – this obviously goes along with the bullet point above, but the rods we inherited are awful, cheap and I hate them. Hate. them. I’m going with simple black rods that will hang above the window frame.
  • New blinds – we have a small window that is original to the house and opens inward. There is a couch underneath it, so curtains won’t really work here. I’m fine with it being blinds since this also directly faces a neighbor, while the back windows do not.
  • Paint, paint, paint. Paint is a huge game changer for a space. I’m going with pale pink walls and an inky, midnight blue trim in here. It’s different than the rest of our house and you know what? It’s only paint!

We have enough art and accessories for this room, so nothing else needs to change. We’re going to put James’ dresser back in the room to make more space in our closet for laundry baskets. I might change the hardware on it….but we’ll see what his opinion is first!

I still can’t find the camera….I’m certain it’s here and it’s entirely likely that I misplaced it or that Conrad took it and doesn’t remember where he left it. I had it last week…..and I could have very easily and distractedly put it down somewhere strange. Or Conrad took it. Camera! Where are you??