Conrad’s interest in Godzilla has morphed into full blown dinosaur interest and he made a spinosaurus today out of cardboard pieces he found laying around….though it does explain what happened to the toilet paper roll on the first floor…..


Annual check ups…

Pros: we ended up having a lovely visit with my mom!

Cons: I drove for 3.5 hours, got a parking ticket, and nearly got into an accident for no reason….because the appointment is actually next week…doh!!!!

Haha, I made a big mistake and thought the kids were seeing their pediatrician yesterday, but nope! It’s next week. At least I learned we can hustle in the mornings and get out of the door before 8am! So next week, I’ll have updated stats for the kids. No one (I’m 99% certain because Conrad got an extra shot last year thanks to measles outbreaks) gets any shots this year, so the appointments should be fairly quick and painless.

We have a graduation party for my cousin this weekend, so it will be nice to see family and munch on yummy food. Have a great weekend!


A while back, we planted a slew of seeds….then it rained a bunch, then it got cold, then it rained, then it got sweltering hot, rabbits are jerks…..you get the picture. I decided that we should simply try again! Here is our second shot at peas, moonflower, and nasturtiums. Fingers crossed and rabbits beware!

I didn’t mention before, but Natalie came home from her last day of school with a tomato plant that she had planted as a wee seed. The stem broke and it was upsetting to her, but thankfully Halmoni and Gomo pointed out that you can plant the stem and it will root on its own. Natalie dutifully watered and tended to it and today, her plant is healthy and thriving and out of its starter pot:


She is a proud gardener this year! Last night, we spent a half hour weeding the flower beds and we discussed deadheading. I had confused her because I had pinched the flowers off the herbs but not the tomatoes. It led to a nice conversation about pollination, fruit formation, plant signals and the like. We finished off our evening with adding our weeds to our compost bin (James had dumped in our food scraps earlier that day) and giving it a spin for aeration.

Thunderstorms are due today, so stay dry!





Our little hibiscus is blooming! It will eventually reach four feet high and wide, but for now it has lots of blooms and it’s quite pretty. I’m looking forward to having everything reach their mature size and enjoying all our hard work.

I’ve been teaching Natalie how to make her own scrambled eggs. It’s an easy first food to cook and she’s now old enough to learn how to make things for herself! It’s been a few times now and I give more for her to do each time with the eventual goal being complete independence in making scrambled eggs! Summer is a great time for us to work on these skills, since our days are wide open and we’re not as scheduled. I anticipate that she will be making her own breakfast from start to finish in just a few more times (she’s nervous about handling the stove). We’re talking about what to look for in cooked eggs (no globby parts), stove safety, when to salt, where the hottest part of the pan is, etc. It’s exciting and it gives her a real confidence boost!

The weather has cooled off a bit and so I hope you all enjoy the lovely day!

And just like that….

The side lot is done! (for this year at least!) James and I worked hard and finished up late on Sunday evening. It felt rather anticlimactic actually, but it also felt really really good! Monday, we spent six hours at the pool with friends and it was a really fun time. This week is a hot one and since the yard projects have ended until the fall (when I’ll do clean up and grading) I’ve turned my focus to the inside of the house! Tomorrow the kids and I will head to a new lumber company in town to see if they have the right kind of wood to polish off our ‘fauxdenza’ in the kitchen nook. Meanwhile, we’ll just clean things, box up stuff to donate, and plan for our Father’s Day festivities this weekend. Now I’m off to find the kids! We did baths early and just finished up dinner and James should be home in about 20 minutes. Happy Tuesday!

A new side lot

It’s slowly coming together! Phase 1 of our side lot is nearly complete for the year – we have three phases spaced out over three years, so it will take some time to fully finish! Here is where we started when we bought the house and where we are now, minus an exhausted Izzy, haha!

things look dinky though…haha, it takes time to grow! for example: that rhododendron smack dab in the middle of all that mulch will one day be 8 feet wide


We will officially be done mulching this weekend and then it’s a few pool days mixed in with some days at home and some indoor projects! It’s time to finish up the kitchen nook ‘fauxdenza’, kitchen, and both entries. I start school a week after the kids do in August, so it will be a busy fall for us! My hope is to get some things completed before then. Stay cool!

The tiniest sink you’ll ever see

Our half bathroom is really small….about 4’x7′ and has the original toilet and a pedestal sink that is a tad too deep and the hot faucet leaks and has horrible water pressure (the cold faucet has great water pressure, but it’s cold!) so a replacement was on our big ‘to do’ list. After periodically searching for months, I finally found one that I love! It’s so tiny and cute, it made me giggle when I opened the box:


We’ll wait on the flooring in the half bath until we are ready to rip out the carpet on the stairs and refinish those floors. But this sink! I love it! I can’t wait to see how it looks!

For scale (though to be fair, the angle makes it look even smaller…):