Things are going well, I picked up a mirror for our half bath today (we are now nearly armed with everything to redo this space!) and James got the basketball hoop together (thanks, Halmoni!) and the kids LOVE it!

We finally got around to getting Humphrey groomed and we are so used to city prices for everything…..and since it was almost half as much as we thought, we’ve scheduled Chester next! He’s a pretty good Whoodle though, to put up with these kid whoodles…..

And now the reveal!

we went very short for a few reasons: he gets REALLY hot, his fur is basically as thick as carpet and he had some really bad matted fur in places

IMG_3685 2

He looks like a gawky baby deer! At least now we can stare longingly into his pretty brown eyes!


Appliances everywhere!

We got our cute little microwave today and I love it! Check out the pretty aqua color and just how retro it is!


Yardwork is in full swing! James and I dug up a 6×9 ish plot of grass and are relocating it to the back where there is an area without grass (it’s where the old swingset used to be). It’s a LOT of work, but it’s cheaper than buying sod! We have native perennials to go where the grass was removed and I’m assembling two trellises to go in the secret garden and once it’s all said and done, we’ll snap some pictures! The front foundation planting will have to wait until next year while I amend a section of the soil (it’s clay) and the flagpole and apple stump will be removed this year so I can finish out that section next year as well. The back will remain largely untouched as it is where the dogs play and run.

Also on our agenda this week: shopping for window awnings and finding a handyman for the side door! Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather!


I have officially finished the entryway and removed it from my list! Ceiling and wall touch ups? Check! Rug gripper pad? Check! Furniture and decor? Check!

While I decide what room to focus on next, I have set my sights on getting the yard in order for the year: raking, digging up endless day lilies, planting new things, preparing our vegetable bed, mulching, etc. We have found someone who wants to take away our apple wood, so that helps clear things out too!

I thought I would leave you all with a photo of Conrad ‘helping’ James when we were clearing out the old fridge. Hard hat and penny loafers to the rescue! Bonus points for spying a smiley Nat in the background!


Little things

Since we got hit with snow, my outside projects are on hold until this weekend. James and I have been busy thinking of long term changes we want to make to our house and what small changes we can tackle ourselves now. It ended up turning into a list, naturally. I made a room by room list of things that I can do and things that James has to do, and we’re giving ourselves a two year timeline to get it all completed.

That may seem like a long time, but in those two years, we plan on completing the first floor, the second floor and all the landscaping we can do ourselves. This time frame also allows us to do other things that we enjoy, like spend days doing nothing, taking weekend trips, hitting the beach, seeing friends and family, etc. We’ll have a little bit better balance in our lives.

My little project this week is finishing up the entry way! After receiving a quote for replacing the front door and making a back door, we decided to wait. This ended up being smart since we needed a new fridge and now we need new attic window awnings:


Yikes! So, we’ll add those to our list for this year. We also need to replace the side door and get a new lawn mower! In the meantime, we can make do and ‘bandaid’ what we have to.

I have been contemplating this for some time, but I bit the bullet and picked up a small can of paint to cover the yellow. I like it on the outside, but I felt like it was too bright on the inside. It looks quite chic in a glossy navy! I’m also finishing up the second coat on the second front door, so you can see a bit of my tarp in the bottom of the photo:

It feels really good to have this new outlook on projects and to be tackling them in a more balanced way!

A new fridge!

Saturday was the big day! We cleaned out our old fridge and cleared the way for our new fridge. It’s a much better size for our kitchen – we really don’t have a large kitchen and it has a lot of doorways which makes for a tricky time with layouts. Our new fridge is shallower, narrower and taller than our old fridge and while it looks silly because now our kitchen is more unfinished looking than ever, we couldn’t care less since that doesn’t prevent us from baking and cooking and living! Here is the before and after:


The before is from before we moved in (note the black carpet in the hall) and I find it amusing that the counter space next to the fridge is still a catch-all issue for us nearly three years later, haha. To be fair, we also just filled it with stuff while emptying the old fridge and clearing things from the cabinet we removed, but it does often look like a tornado hit it….maybe one day we’ll have it figured out.

There is a lot more clearance from each doorway/entrance around the refrigerator which makes the kitchen feel a lot bigger which we love! One day, we’ll have new flooring and built in cabinets around the fridge, but that takes a lot of money. So, we’ll just keep on saving!

Our raised vegetable bed got constructed this weekend and James and I got to double date with friends on Saturday night which was really fun. Vacation photos will have to wait though until I do a major deletion of old pictures.

We’re looking forward to warmer weather this week!

Happy Easter

We had a great trip and are happy to be back at home. Technically we arrived home yesterday, but traveling with kids involves a lot of laundry and unpacking and settling in and whatnot. It was fun! I’ll get to those pictures soon, but I mostly wanted to give a yard update!

All of our hard work last year really paid off and this year, I feel, dare I say…relaxed?!? The bulbs are coming up, the hostas and peonies are pushing up and it’s downright lovely to see garlic and onion and native grasses peeking through! We filled eight lawn bags of leaves so far as we’ve raked out the beds and added mulch here and there.

We do intend on putting in some plants this year to finish out a planting bed, but the focus will mostly be on vegetables! Our neighbor is letting us use some of her plot and that is where we will grow onions and potatoes. We are going to try our hand at corn, peas, pumpkins and some cool weather brassicas. Bring on the flavor!

James cut down the apple tree today and had to use the axe! It is SO much more clear in the front and once the stump is gone and the flagpole is out, it will really start to take shape out there! I’ll wait to finish the front-side lot boxwoods until those things are fully out and we’ve filled in those holes, otherwise they might sustain damage.

We have a full agenda this week, so it will be light posting. Though I will try to get to the vacation pictures as mentioned! Here is Conrad in his new robe and using his new wand (the kids are into Harry Potter lately) and one of James (it took a long time to get this sucker down, but he did it!)

The doggies got a park

James finished up our little back fenced in area (though honestly it isn’t that little) and the dogs are so happy! It will help my Mom and Tony when they dog sit for us this week as we are heading out of town to Dubuque! We’re so happy to get away for a few days and just relax and see the sights. I’ll have a photo post once we’re back, I’m sure.

We ordered our new fridge and it will arrive in a few weeks – this was our second go around at the entire process and while it had a stressful middle, it seems to be ending okay! Natalie is trying out for the school talent show and has been practicing on the piano (I taught myself the other part to help her out) and we’re all very excited! She’s actually quite talented and while she needs to work more on timing, we have spent a small fortune on music books as she tears through them in a few weeks. Conrad can do addition and subtraction in his head and we had NO idea that he could do this….so that’s been exciting and startling. So, good stuff!

I’ll probably not post before we leave town, so here are some of the dogs celebrating their newfound freedom!