A while back I hurt my right hand….it hurt to grip, so I couldn’t paint for a while. Thanks to yesterday’s basement project, my right hand is a bit swollen and I am unable to grip anything (this makes dinner tricky since I also cannot cut/chop). I am REALLY proud of myself because I got this little table off (one that was bolted to a support post) and it opens up that side of the room a lot more. However, using the hammer (so tightly gripping it and using force…) did my hand in and now it makes my hand throb to use a q-tip….so projects will be on the back burner. I will take some pictures of the basement Hint: I did a major purge!

I plan on painting down here (I already started priming) and rearranging some things to make this space look more consolidated, but it’s contingent on some other things working first. I’m also looking for some creative ways to cover the support poles….and I do not want to frame them out, so I’m putting on my creativity hat! The blue area is their art area and they love working over there. It’s getting there!

Some shelves and a movie show

Conrad has been working on making a movie….it’s about dinosaurs and doesn’t exactly have much of a plot, but it works like this: he hides inside this box and uses the cutout to move his characters around (dinosaurs taped with string) and he even made a backdrop!


In home reno news, we started putting up our shelves in the kitchen! We just needed some basic storage for all our tea and coffee things and this will fit the bill until we do a major kitchen renovation (realistically this is probably 5 years off). There is one more shelf to paint and put up, but for now it clears off the counter a bit and feels just a bit more finished. There have been some light changes in the sunroom which I’m anxious to showcase but all in good time!


Hope you all enjoy the lovely weekend!

A reading corner

When we first moved in, I wasn’t sure how to arrange this corner and it went through many permutations. The configuration that has lasted the longest is a reading corner! The majority of this stuff was either a gift or thrifted, so it didn’t take very much to make it happen. It’s now a nice little spot to read, hang out, or still even watch tv!


The post wouldn’t be complete without some of the gems I found while deleting 240 pictures/videos from our camera:



It’s been a really busy summer and last week was no exception. Conrad saw the eye doctor and dentist and he did great at both appointments! We’re just finalizing all the school paperwork for everyone and purchasing school supplies for Nat. Her first day is August 17th!!! Our big third grader….it’s going fast, people!

I have kid stuff to show you, not much has happened in the home reno part of our lives…as it generally doesn’t in the summer. I always have the best of intentions and lists…but somehow it just doesn’t get done. This summer has also just been full of changes, so that has taken priority. That being said, little things here and there have gotten done (as I’ve posted anyways) and once I go through and delete about 500 pictures that the kids took of their feet and the floor…..I’ll be able to post some pics.

The bugs are AWFUL this year, but the rain has been a wonderful thing to help establish all our new plantings. While the yard is certainly not finished, we still get lots of compliments from the neighbors which makes us feel great! People do love to watch improvements unfold! The side yard will get completed next year, since we’re putting foundation plantings on hold until we redo the siding. I have plans to work on things once fall is upon us, but I’m really not sure how easy it will be to juggle so many things by myself, so we’ll see. Some things will get ticked off the to do list, I’m sure!

We have been talking chores for the kids a lot over the past year and while it had been hard to stick with a routine or simply find one that fit our family, the last few weeks have seen one emerge. It is no coincidence that this is the same period of time that James has been at his new job. If I’m going to be a solo parent for 50-60 hours a week, we knew that the kids would need to pitch in more and help out. They are old enough to have a daily chore routine and every day before dinner it’s the ‘big clean up’. It makes the most sense for us and it’s been working out pretty well so far. We move through our day and create and play and while we may have a mini clean up here and there, we can really dive into what we’re doing at the moment and focus and worry about the mess later. The kids aren’t too tired to clean up before dinner (we tried after dinner/before bedtime and it was cranky hour) and it doesn’t affect our bedtime routine. Obviously as with everything, there are always exceptions when our usual routine will be tossed aside (like guests, holiday gatherings) and that is a good thing to teach as well. Life is about being flexible!

The county fair is this week and we do have plans to go…though I’m not sure which day. Rain….she is a comin’! Happy Tuesday, folks!