Portrait of an artist

We hit the library yesterday to pick up some books, pay some fines (whoops!) and find our girl’s art! She was selected for District 200’s Spring Art Show for the second time and we are proud! Here is her owl and with her proud Appah:



Frosted perfection!

We used half a container of sprinkles….because children were in charge! The cookies were fun and we’re looking forward to our next batch. Natalie has been busy reading through our holiday cookbook so that she and Conrad can make their cookie list.

We have a free weekend coming up and we’re very excited about it! Natalie still has piano and James is seeing his doctor (just a checkup), but other than that we are wide open. It’s awesome! Especially since James still has work every evening after he gets home…..it’s important to have a little break now and then. We’re looking forward to some family time and getting some things finished up. Christmas is fast approaching!



I didn’t write a follow up yet, but Nat’s recital was amazing! Most of us were there anyways, so I didn’t feel the need to hurry up and post the video (I can’t for some reason anyways, so we’ll wait for James). In other news, she’s also been chosen for the district’s spring art show again! This Saturday, we’ll wander over to the library and find her masterpiece and post some photos of the artiste!

It’s quite windy and some stuff blew over, so I’ll be fixing that today. I’ve been putting away projects and clearing things off and washing and straightening the house. This will help get the projects back off the ground after the holidays are over! It’s much better to start from a clean space, than work around clutter. Bonus: it creates space for the new toys and new things!

Making Christmas cards was making me feel tired, so that’s off the table this year. Maybe we’ll start an every other year thing! Or maybe i’ll have a burst of card making energy and get it all squared away…..we’ll see.

Happy Tuesday!

December 1st

I have been slowly decorating the house for Christmas since the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s new to me to do it slowly, I usually spend an extremely hectic day or two getting everything up, so that naturally we can celebrate and be happy! I’m trying something new this year! Enjoying the holiday, haha. I’m not making to do lists, I’m not painting or scrambling to get a room done to show it off for the holidays. Instead I’m going to leave it all for next year, because I can. Because the world won’t end if I do and because the kids deserve to make cookies more than once!

Another reason for all this is that their Christmas break pretty much starts at Christmas…..so we don’t really get any lead time to it, which feels hectic all by itself. We decorated outside this year (for the first time ever!) and it feels really happy. I’m actually enjoying this slow routine and while I can’t say it’ll be this way every year, who knows what the future holds.

Today, my focus is on Conrad’s room. He would like a desk in there, so I’m going to give him one we have in the basement and swap out his dresser. I need a dresser anyways, so this works out for now! I may also have bought the kids their own Christmas trees to decorate in their rooms……so a little cleaning up needs to happen to make their rooms sparkly and in the spirit. And two birds, it also just straightens their rooms and makes them ready for new things and friends and general happiness! Maybe that’s four birds?

Anyways, the house should be all gussied up by next week, so stay tuned for pictures. We are trying very hard to keep our weekends free since James is working a lot of overtime these days and we’re missing him in the evenings. We’re glad to have Christmas at home this year!