Update to my update: it appears that WordPress has changed their offerings and no longer offers a free plan. Unfortunately this means that the blog will no longer be updated. I refuse to pay for something that I view as a fun update to keep family and friends in the loop. I place enough pressure on myself to frequently update, so I don’t need the added requirement of cost thrown my way. I will review ways of sharing information but otherwise it looks like this is the end of the road! You can always check Facebook as I do put up photos there, though not as many. If anything changes in the immediate future, I will let you all know! 

I seem to be having some issues with uploading photos at the moment, so until that gets figured out, I probably will be light on posts. As you know, we only have the free wordpress plan, because I find it absurd to pay to host a blog for family (haha as I’m sure you all would anyways).  Anyways, that means I am limited to how many photos we can upload and so my usual plan of action is to delete old ones so I can put up new ones, but for some reason, it’s not updating the amount of space I have left…..I deleted a whole bunch of two year old photos and it’s still telling me I’m at 100% capacity. I’ll do some recon work though and figure it out. Happy Monday!



It’s gorgeous out today and we are happy to open the windows and enjoy the cool breezes as a respite from our most recent heat wave. Our last nice day (which I believe was Monday), the kids and I were outside a lot and I was able to snap some pictures of them playing, ‘zombie attack!’, so I thought I’d share them with you! Have a good weekend, everyone!

Happy Fourth!

In light of the awful heat, we headed to Ikea to wander around, get some ideas, and eat some Swedish food. Then we hit H-mart to purchase a bunch of Korean food, thus celebrating the foods of our people on Independence Day!

Anyways, I’ve been working on our closet door (in between the awful heat) and this is where we ended up after stripping off the paint……


It was not my intention to go to bare wood, I merely wanted to rough up the original paint so that our new paint would adhere better. But, here we are! Interesting side note: upstairs was never stained, all the trim and doors were always painted. I’m going to sand it a bit and apply a gel stain and see where that takes us. Stay cool, we’re nearly due for a break!

Jedi Training Class

Conrad is taking an additional class at our local tae kwon do studio this summer. It’s taught by a Woodstock native, who moved back from LA after having a decade plus stint as a stunt coordinator for Universal Studios. He absolutely loves the class and it’s been fun to watch him learn! I took a bunch of photos yesterday and my favorite sequence was the open sparring. Conrad is ALL IN BABY!

He chased this kid around the pole twice and over to the opposite side before the kid lost his sword and Conrad was declared ‘king’. I’m not sure where he gets it…..

Back to work

It’s a gorgeous day, the dumpster is gone, and we cleared out the rooms that had the most water. It feels like a win! I’m back to working on our master bedroom and today is stripping day. The closet door is first, then I’ll work on the second window. Curtains are on my list for today as well – I’m using some that I had already sewed, they just need to be washed, ironed, and hemmed.


Conrad has his jedi class this afternoon and I’m hoping to get some snapshots of him in action. Stay tuned!


We feel accomplished! We had great help today and it really helped so much! We are feeling hopeful and a tad excited about the new improved basement (whenever that happens, haha). We cleared out a ton of stuff and that feels just as great.

This week, we’ll just monitor how dry/wet the basement is and come up with a plan. I plan on getting back to our normal project list and completing our master bedroom. We’ll just put a pin in the basement project for now, but keep everyone updated. It’s promising though!


I took Friday off from working in the basement because, well….this is how much I filled the dumpster on Wednesday and Thursday (James worked overtime and got home late so his availability was less because of that. He added a few rugs though!). I can be a determined and busy worker when it calls for it!


The kids needed some time and attention and we really needed to go to the grocery store, so it was a rest day! I emptied the dehumidifier, but that was pretty much it and it felt good. Right even. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be busy as bees to maximize the time we have the dumpster and extra help! It feels good to purge so much stuff and having water in the basement was an excellent push to get us to order that dumpster and get rid of so much stuff!

It’s going to be a hot weekend, so I hope everyone is staying cool. Cross your fingers we stay dry for the storms due tomorrow!