A desk!

Nat wanted a desk, so I picked one up for $10 and we transformed it with just a little paint and some new knobs! It’s actually a sewing table (minus the sewing machine) so the size is just right to fit into Nat’s room. We’re really happy with how it turned out!

The paint and shellac we already had on hand and so with the ‘Nat approved’ knobs, it looks quite pretty! The total we spent on this project was $25, which is not too shabby!

Here in its temporary location in her room! It’s not completed, but for now it works!


A few updates: the front door stripping project has been put on hold since the weather has been either really windy or rainy or crazy buggy or hot. My hand is still hurting so priorities are regular household tasks instead of finishing Conrad’s room and any sort of weeding/stripping wallpaper/priming, etc.

10 years!

Today is our ten year anniversary and my mom is coming out to stay so we can have a proper date! We got engaged in Lake Geneva, so we’re having dinner next to the actual lake, but not exactly in the aforementioned town. It’s exciting!

We also have some big news…….we decided to throw caution to the wind and get a puppy!!! His name is Humphrey, he’s a Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix) and we pick him up tomorrow. Pictures of his royal cuteness to follow….

Apparently we didn’t have enough going on……haha. So my juggling skills will get a workout as I manage both kids getting to school on time, a full time course load for myself, puppy duty and applying to the school district as a substitute RN….I’m nervous and excited and overwhelmed. James keeps telling me I can handle all of this….and that it also means he needs to help out more. We’re definitely going to get through it if we all work together, so work together we will!

Happy Anniversary to us!

Milwaukee Zoo!

I took the kids to meet some friends yesterday and we spent the afternoon meandering through the Milwaukee County Zoo! We headed back to their house afterwards and the kids were unhappy to say goodbye, so we’ve made plans to see each other much sooner than the five months it had been since we saw them last. We had a lot of fun though and here are some pics from yesterday!

Something blue

Our mudroom table has gotten dinged and scratched and had a weird (possibly nail polish?) stain on it, so I busted out some paint that we have and gave it a quick and easy update. I actually like it better! It’s subtle but it really sort of makes it pop. Check out the before and after:

I’m really happy with the results!

I love the thrift store

Because it presents such gems to me….like this marble slab for $30! Complete with a stamp on the back that says, ‘Made in Italy’!


Isn’t it gorgeous!?! It will go in our nook and be our baking surface and while this was our ‘five years from now’ plan, it looks like the universe has other ideas. I love our thrift store!