Irish soda bread and movies

It’s cold and the kids aren’t interested in going anywhere, so it’s movies and baking here at the Park household. Our first loaf of Irish soda bread and the third Harry Potter movie….hope you’re enjoying your Sunday too!


2018, here we come!

Until spring arrives and I can work in the yard, my main focus is going to be organizing and getting rid of stuff. I know, I know, it’s totally cliche to ‘declutter’ and I talk about it every year, but the funny thing about decluttering is that stuff keeps showing up….so it never really ends.

I’m going to focus on an area a month, so January will be the kitchen! We’re outgrowing some stuff….the kids refill their little plastic cups so often during a meal, that I’ve simply started giving them the ‘grownup’ stuff instead. I’ll pull everything out, see what’s missing or broken or what we’ve never used and put what’s left back in the cabinets! It’s not terribly exciting and I probably won’t take pictures about it, so instead I’ll just try and make more kid posts.

The brief warm spell has been delightful! I let the dogs out between 7-10 times a day, so I very much appreciate that my face doesn’t sting every single time. Humphrey has been relatively accident free for a few months now and it’s much MUCH better. He’s better at walking too though he will wander into the street if you’re not paying attention….so I’m working on that with him.

Nat’s first day back at school was just fine and Conrad returns tomorrow. Yay for some quiet alone time!!!


Last day of break

Today is the last day of winter break and it’s been the most relaxing break I can remember in a long time. I haven’t done any house projects in a few months and it’s been somewhat freeing. We scaled back on chores too and are doing the required minimum so that at the very least, everyone is fed and clothed. One negative that stands out is that I had pretty bad headaches – for ten days straight and while some of that was sinus pressure related, some of it was migraine related because of the temperature extreme and it was not nearly as fun as it sounds.

In another post, I mentioned that we have some goals and one of them is to put aside all the painting and finishing rooms (unless the mood strikes, but it hasn’t yet even a little bit) and just spend time with the kids and the dogs (Humphrey is in prime puppy energy stage right now anyways) and with James. It’s really ok if things sit unfinished for a few more months. Burnout is real, yo! My to do lists were becoming burdensome and I still haven’t been making them. I try but it makes me feel tired, so I make a different list (one that includes play with kids) and it instantly feels better.

Now, I realize that my house finishing burnout is temporary and quite possibly related to getting a puppy and James being gone 12 hours a day….so I’m not too worried about it. Also, it’s cold!! Hibernation should be a thing.

I’ll end this post with some photos. I know how you all hate that, haha.



A little bit of warmth

I’ve moved most of the houseplants into the sunroom for now. While they certainly are not all in this particular corner, it is a nice view all the same. We’re in the midst of some rearranging (as usual) but as our needs evolve, so must our surroundings! It makes it a bit cozier in the sunroom in light of all this cold, Nat keeps calling it our ‘conservatory’ –


Happy New Year!

I don’t have a photo to go with my salutations, but it’s been a lovely week! James was off most of the week (we still seem to be in a situation where he does still have some work even when on vacation, but at least that means we get paid ha!) and it was all the things we needed and wanted. We relaxed, we played with new toys, we saw dear friends, we relaxed some more, I beat James at boggle several times, and oh yeah, we relaxed. It has been quite lovely.

James returns to work this week, so we’ll have a few friends over for the kids and get the house in order for our return to school January 8th. We aren’t a resolutions family but we do have some goals (since they are for a few years, it’s not technically the same thing) and we’re feeling excited and ready!

I’m not certain how much house work I’ll get done or when or if it will happen….having kids with increasing activities and a puppy certainly eats up a lot of my time. I’m hopeful to get things done here and there though (because puppies grow up) and will post about my progress, if any. We were sick a lot this fall (especially me) and it forced me to step back and reassess, so we’re shifting our priorities a bit.

Here’s to 2018,  Happy New Year!!!